In the dawn of the late 1980s and then everyone’s favorite 90’s, Mario Bros game came into existence, and it changed the way we lived. It has been one of the successful gaming merchandise, and the creators from Japan became wealthy and known around the world for developing one of the most lucrative games of all time.

In 2020, Mario Bros turns 37 years. Since 1983 there have been many versions that have come out in the game that has been enhanced with the changing technology to engross its target audience, which is everyone and anyone irrespective of the age group. In lieu of the favorite game of all time, we bring out to you the most hidden 15 crazy facts about your childhood’s favorite game to enjoy.

  1. The debut- The character of Mario first made its debut in the game Donkey Kong and was named Jumpman. It was a side character that later made its appearance in its very own game. Also, it was a carpenter in that game and not a plumber.
  2. The Look- The character’s clothes and look is in such a way because of the limitations in the graphics. Mario is wearing a hat because, at that time, there was a limitation on drawing the hair of a character that was challenging. Also, the figure wears dungarees so that his arm movements are clear, and gamers can enjoy the game more concisely.
  3. His love for ladies- Mario has always been associated as a character who saves his lady love. His infamous Princess Peach in the Mario series is a well-known damsel in distress who is saved by him. Though in Donkey Kong also, his alias Jumpman is on a mission to save his love Pauline from the clutches of Donkey Kong, who traps her.
  4. Mario is a villain- You wouldn’t think that Mario is a villain, but yes, it’s true. In the first of the Donkey Kong games, Mario had Donkey Kong as it’s pet and imprisoned the poor animal. That is why, as an act of vengeance, Donkey Kong captures Jumpan’s girlfriend.
  5. Relationship with Optimus Prime- had a relationship with Transformers Optimus Prime. Strange right? But, as crazy as it sounded in 1983, Mario was voiced by a man named Peter Cullen, who was also the voice of the original Transformers Optimus Prime in the 80s and the same franchise’s movie that was released in 2007.
  6. Depiction of Japan- There is a level in Super Mario Bros 3 that some people argue is a replica of Japan. The island that is depicted in the game is identical to the shape and the placement of the country on the map.
  7. Mushroom City- When you buy the game, you must straight away go to your PlayStation and play with it. But we never read the story behind the game. It is said that the evil Koopa had turned all of the innocent citizens of the mushroom city as blocks in the game. And our hero Mario is punching all the blocks to earn powers, strange, right?
  8. The controversy around America’s release date- A release date of a game is the most crucial and probably a recorded thing in history. But, it has been a thing of controversy for more than 30 long years. The release date in Japan is still clearly documented in the past. However, until today the Americans are still in doubt whether the game was released in 1985 or 1986. A few sources cite it to be released on October 18, 1895, and others mentioned it to be in October 1896.
  9. Career changes- We know Mario as a carpenter and a plumber. But in a few other series, Mario had significant changes in his career like a physician, an archaeologist, a kart racer, golfer, and also a successful toy manufacturer. He sure is living every person’s dream to do everything in one lifetime.
  10. Mario Day– People are so fixated on their favorite gaming character that they have dedicated an entire day to celebrate the game’s character. March 10 is the official Mario Day celebrated all around the world. This particular day was selected as when Mario is abbreviated, it comes down to Mar10, so the decision was taken.
  11. Cameos- Mario is a star and a star. If it makes cameos in other video games, then they are supposed to be a hit. Also, with Mario’s popularity, gamers tend to buy other video games in which Mario makes a brief but crucial appearance. The strangest of his appearance has been in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 titled ‘Italian Plumber Princess Rescue.’ Mario, along with another favorite character Yoshi made appearances in Legends of Zelda and Metal Gear Solid.
  12. The anagram game- Nintendo sure used their previous game ideas to create their one of the most successful game of Mario. Their last game Olimar is spelled as O-Ri-Ma in Japanese. And look at the geniuses of Nintendo creators, they used this anagram to come up with the name of Mario for their now infamous Italian plumber. This is called the perfect reuse of the existing resources.
  13. The savior– Before Mario was introduced, it was believed that the video game industry was going to collapse. There was no new game that people preferred or went crazy for. With the introduction of the Mario series, Nintendo created a new wave across the world for video game fanatics. Just imagine, of Mario wasn’t introduced at the right time, the whole video game industry would have gone into extinction, and as we know today, the gaming industry wouldn’t have been the same.
  14. The inspiration- It is said that Mario inspired Sonic the Hedgehog game franchise. Though as soon as Sonic was introduced, there was an instant rivalry between the two games and their creators. However, Sonic’s creator Yuji Naka accepts that Sonic was inspired by Super Mario Bros first level. Interestingly, Mario still has the same position in the gaming world as it had almost thirty years ago, and no game could beat it.
  15. Addictive Mushrooms- The mushrooms in the game do look a bit weird, right? It’s because the producer of Mario, Miyamoto, admits that certain types of wild mushrooms inspire them that if taken makes a person see things big or small. So, were the creators of Mario trying to force the gamers into taking addictive psychedelic substances like mushrooms? Or is Mario, a drug addict who on certain psychedelic drugs can operate more clearly and find his way out to his Princess to be saved?

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