Today we take you back to the 80s, where the hair was big, the hairspray was overboard and the jeans were not low waisted. The days where Commodore 64 reigned, followed by Amiga then Nintendo and we could only dream of something close to a Playstation.

Those days we played our games. Mostly Japanese titles and we fell in love with the Mario series. Funnily enough Mario’s supremacy still lives on, with the latest Mario series games being released in June 2019. Today, we see when have Super Mario series titles included gambling, how we could gamble on such titles and the game diversity on offer.

Mario Slot Games          

Since Mario is a popular entity, why not make a slot out of his brand? This is when Super Mario Slot game was developed. Forming part of the Super Mario 64 DS, the game is all about the wild superstars within. And if you thought the 80s did not pay as well as some new bookmakers do, we invite you to think again as the game has the potential to bag you a whopping 20x your stake should you land 3 superstars. Now that we can place Super Mario and gambling into the same sentence, shall we say you can now see Mario in a new light?

Mario Video Poker

Mario takes gambling to a new level with his witty and entertaining video poker game. Well to be frank, the game is called Picture Poker. This time the old-school Luigi is the dealer and your job is to beat him at a hand of poker. You are dealt 5 cards, you can hold or get more, and your task is to have your 5 cards beats Luigi’s hand. Basically, you win stars with each triumph and lose some with each defeat.  As you gamble away some of your coin stashes, the below is what you could land pocket: Flush / 5 of a Kind – 16 coins, 4 of a Kind – 8 coins, Full house – 6 coins, 3 of a Kind – 4 coins, 2 pairs – 3 coins, 1 pair – 2 coins.

Super Mario Blackjack

Mario invites us to another adventure infused journey, this time with some Super Mario Blackjack. The game of 21 is called Luigi-Jack and we could not be happier to the notion of getting the perfect card score with Luigi waiting to deal us some more cards. Your main goal is to not go over the 21-card total mark. If you manage to beat the odds and the dealer, you walk away with a whopping 3x, however if you go above the 21, you will lose 5 coins. A total of 7 rounds is available for the game, during which try your best to beat the dealer and pocket as many coins as you can.

Super Mario Roulette

If you thought the fun is over, think again, as we just discovered a Super Mario Roulette game, and you are invited to wager in, place your bets and hopefully gamble away to win big. The Super Mario game variant is called Mushroom roulette, and if you are familiar with the traditional roulette, you will find play the game quite easy, to say the least.  Start off by choosing if you will bet on the red or on the black numbers. Each roulette spin will cost you 5 coins, and the game comes to a natural ending if a player is finished with no coins to gamble.

Mario’s Casino War

The last Super Mario game to grab our attention is Casino Wars, otherwise referred to as ‘Luigi’s thrilling cards’. It is a super easy game to master and involves playing cards. You will be dealt cards face down and your core mission or goal is to blindly decide if your card is bigger than that of your adversary. Following the first card being dealt, you can raise your bet, hold or even fold. A good reminder of the days we enjoyed a game of Texas Hold’Em or two.

The 2 things in life that we cherish the most are of course the lookback to our student days when we enjoyed Mario games, and of course nowadays our love and adrenalin fun from some weekend gambling. To combine the 2 together is priceless, and yes, we love some arcade fun where we can gamble and smile. Welcome to gambling on Super Mario titles dear reader! Joining us for some fun?

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