Gaming celebrities are becoming more and more popular! People like Ninja and his fortnite skills are now just about household names. But what about the original gamers? I’m talking about celebrity gamblers! If you want to learn more about them then keep on reading!

Well what do you know, celebrities are actually human. That means they too fancy a roll at the dice tables now and then, a hit on a smartphone casino, or a poker playing session and the like.

However, while there are lots of celebrities who like to tempt fate by gambling, few actually succeed in pulling it off and walking away with some serious moolah. With that being the case here are the most successful celebrity gamblers of all time:

50 Cent Is The Name!- this brother has nine or more lives and has survived multiple attempts on his life. He is also something of a far-thinking being and in 2014 unleashed his fifth album on the global populace. The album was fittingly titled ‘Animal Ambition” and apart from possessing fiery lyrics was remarkable in the fact that its buyers had the option of paying for it via Bitcoin. At that time, Bitcoin was barely known and sales of the album netted him around $500,000 in the cryptocurrency, which translates to more than $7 million right now. Cryptocurrency matters apart, 50 Cent loves to bet on sports and once scooped up roughly $500,000 by betting on an NFL game way back in 2012.

Affleck Strikes It, Rich!- Ben Affleck happens to be a critically acclaimed actor and director and has so far been the recipient of no less than 2 Oscars. He is also a very good poker player and in 2004 won $356,400 in the California State Poker Championship. With that win, he gained qualification to the final tournament of the very prestigious World Poker Tour. 2014 appears to be his most remarkable year, with this handsome fella winning so many blackjack games at a Vegas hotel that he got banned for it!

Money Money Money! Floyd Mayweather is quite the boxer and has never been defeated in the ring. He is also the champion gambling winner whose bets have paid off to a very spectacular extent. Overall, this brash pugilist has wins of more than $10 million via sports betting and never hesitates to puts his money right where his mouth is!

The Ever-Victorious Victoria- Victoria Coren-Mitchell is a presenter, writer and top-class poker player. She is the very first woman to record a win on the European Poker Tour and in 2014 won the European Poker Tour San Remo main event. She has so far won around $2 million playing poker games and is a regular at London’s Victoria Casino where she plays Texas Hold’Em just like she invented it!

Magical Brown Does It Again! Now, Derren Brown knows more about magic than nearly everyone else and is an expert illusionist who can make anyone doubt his or her own senses. He had a very sterling but abrupt professional gambling career, simply because he was too good at what he does and never lost a bet. As a result, he has been banned in some casinos.

The above very successful gamblers are merely a sample, with a few more celebrities able to stay famous for some reason and at the same time gamble very successfully. However, there are times when the fun and thrills prove too addictive, which is why we all should be careful when gambling regardless of if we are rightly famous or not!

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