Online Casino: Hidden Games Discovered Inside Super Mario

It may seem a totally bizarre combination on the surface of it, but the fact is, gambling is found throughout all levels of console gaming, so with this an avoidable consequence, we look at the hidden delights of the best online casino games lurking behind the tiles of Super Mario.

Unlike the game, you can land yourself online casino real money playing the same games as Mario

We found lots of casino games playable within the range of Super Mario games and levels throughout the series. Here we list the most popular ones that you can play yourself within the popular American site of

You will have access to free roulette, slots and a number of table games, just like the ones below.

The Mario Poker Game:

Found inside the Super Mario 64 DS game, here Luigi is playing the role of the dealer in the most popular of card games. This is a tamer version of the casino game where all you need to win here is a stronger matching set of cards from the images shown in the table. In real poker you have 2 pairs, then the 3 of a kind set, next is 4 of a kind, after that you’re looking at 5 of a kind and then a full house to win.

The Mario Slot Machine:

Discovered in early Mario games, the popular format of slots appears within the hidden features of Super Mario games. The latest hold a dynamic, high-action and super spinner that plays just like what you would find within any online casino.

Here, Mario plays as the main character of the game where he tries to spin the winning symbols to help boost your coins. Fantastic animation and effects make this really fun to play once you’ve found it.

You can win your casino online real money payouts with these optional games found in Super Mario

We stumbled across some classic games within these hidden tiles and they expand the range of casino games you can play to a whole new level.

The Mario Roulette Game:

The classic game that is roulette. This is totally fun and very easy to play. Slightly altered from the real game by the principle is the same, pick here the ball will stop and win the prize for guessing right.

Mario Casino War:

Inside the new versions of Super Mario Brothers, Luigi’s Thrilling Cards, is a take on Casino War. This is only accessible if you have the ‘versus mode’ turned on your device.

You’re betting who has the higher scoring card and you can even bet against yourself.

Mario Blackjack:

Load up Super Mario Brothers on the DS to find this classic game. Named Luigi-jack, it’s a great take on the real game of blackjack. Score 21 and you win, go over and your bust. Inside the real casino online you can play like this against the machines or live dealers.

You can play in the world of Mario or join the best online casino USA has and take the real dollars with you

Of course, the game doesn’t pay out real money when playing with Mario’s array of titles, but if you do well in these games, you might have just as much chance within the real casinos online and this time with real money payouts to keep.

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