A big part of the attraction of the Nintendo Switch is the fact that you can take it with you. You have the ability to drop it into its docking station and play it on any big screen –but you can’t do both. Nyko, a manufacturer of third-party accessories for different gaming consoles, has come to the rescue.

Take it along Wherever You Go

Nyko has just introduced a docking kit that is not just completely portable, but also has a tiny footprint when compared to the Nintendo Switch dock. It folds up very neatly and includes not just an HDMI cable, but an AC adaptor as well. Enjoying games on your Nintendo Switch is now as easy as playing the online blackjack Canada has available, gamers!

Switch to Any HDMI TV on the Go

The Portable Docking Kit and Boost Pak from Nyko, launched this month, offers two products for users of Nintendo Switch. The Docking Kit allows you to connect your Switch to any HDMI television easily on the go, and the dockable Boost Pak allows you to extend play after your Switch’s internal battery has run out of steam.

A Compact Solution for On-the-Go Gamers

Chris Arbogast, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nyko, announced that the Portable Docket Kit is an affordable, compact, docking solution that is ideally suited to the Nintendo’s Switch on-the-go design. Gamers are now easily able to charge their Switches, and enable television mode no matter where they happen to be.

Key Features of the Portable Docking Kit

The most important features for the Portable Docking Kit from Nyko include:

  • The Kit includes an HDMI cable that allows gamers to connect to any kind of television
  • The design is portable and compact
  • The Kit enables the television mode on the Nintendo Switch
  • It is powered by a Type-C AC adaptor, which is included in the Kit
  • It features two USB 2.0 ports along with a USB 3.0 port

The Boost Pak key features include:

  • Allowing you to play up to 50% longer after your internal battery has been depleted
  • Easily and quickly recharges through either a Type-C cable or a docking station
  • It is dockable, and you can keep the Boost Pak attached while your Nintendo Switch is docked

Nintendo ensured that their Switch dock has been seen as an essential part of the console, and most pictures have it paired with its TV counterpart. Nyko has shown, however, that the dock does not need to be nearly as bulky as it currently is, and has provided a solution for busy players who concentrate on mobile play. With the mobile market expanding all the time, this option is sure to attract an ever-growing legion of fans, looking for ways to combine the best of both worlds.

You would also place the console on top of the Nyko dock, instead of putting it inside, which means you don’t have to worry about scratching your Switch’s screen. Users have reported that the official dock was damaging their Switch screens, and the Nyko dock has solved this problem as well.

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