Just a few short weeks ahead of its debut on the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey has released a Live Action Trailer, in the style of a top Broadway musical, complete with an ensemble for the song and dance.

This game marks a return to the 3D, open-world gaming experience for this franchise that helped it enjoy popularity with Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine on GameCube.

New Experiences Introduced with Super Mario Odyssey

The new game takes Mario, and the player, on a series of adventures through various Kingdoms. These include worlds based on fantasy and those based on reality, like New Donk City, filled with sky scraper just like New York City. The game also introduces Cappy, Mario’s animate hat, which plays an important role in terms of how the game is played.

Cappy can be controlled in co-op mode, and fans of online betting may have to put their real money favourites away for a time, in order to experience what Nintendo has to offer!

The Live Action for the Trailer

The trailer is set to the backdrop of Super Mario Odyssey’s theme song, Jump Jump Superstar, and sees the hero dancing alongside real actors in New Donk City streets. Players will quickly recognise the lead characters iconic Yahoo! which is sounded just before he tosses his sentient hat, Cappy, like a boomerang.

Mario displays his jumping skills, and the trailer shows footage of him in New Donk city. A player is shown enjoying the game on his couch, only to have Mario appear in his window, flinging Cappy at him. The trailer then goes on to mix gameplay with live-action video until the song comes to an end in a brilliant display of fireworks.

Cappy, Mario’s Co-Star in Super Mario Odyssey

Each time Mario throws his hat at someone during the trailer, whether person or dog, the hat changes their appearance, and they wear a moustache like the hero.

For those that have not been following the game details, this could well be seen as a fun element added to the trailer –it isn’t. It is a part of the gameplay mechanic, called Capture, and forms a vital part of the structure of Super Mario Odyssey. Mario can use his living hat to take possession of both enemies and interactive items, and this allows the player to take control of an additional character during play.

Jump, Jump, Super Star

The vocal line for the Super Mario Odyssey Live Action trailer is voiced by Kate Higgins, who takes the part of Pauline in the game. If you remember, Pauline was the first damsel in distress that required rescue from Mario in his first appearance, in Donkey Kong. The song is available for free download at the Nintendo website.

The Live Action trailer puts focus on the snapshot mechanic as well as some of the mini-games. Snapshot mode allows players to freeze time, and so move the camera and take various snapshots with different filters. There are still some unannounced mini-games waiting to be explored, but the trailer shows us off-foot racing with Koopas, jump roping, and toy car racing.

Strap yourselves in, boys and girls! Super Mario Odyssey releases worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on the 27th of October 2017!

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