Did you know that almost every Super Mario game has secret (and sometimes standard) casino stages? Why is Nintendo constantly adding gambling games such as slots, roulette, and casino card games? In this article, we’ll take a look at the casino in Paper Mario and The Thousand-Year Door and will learn why gambling is added to almost every new Mario game.
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The Pianta Parlor Gambling Club

The first and only gambling area in this Paper Mario is The Pianta Parlor club located in Rogueport. At Pianta Parlor, you can play mini-games and earn Pianta Coins, which can be traded for all sorts of items. In total, four mini-games and slots are available for the play. The slots in Pianta club are available from the very beginning, but access to the other four mini-games you will need to earn.

To play the slots game, you need to place a bet of one Pianta Coin. If you manage to collect 3 symbols of the same type, you will receive a lot more Pianta Coins as a win. The probabilities of winning are pretty low, but many users note that with 100 spins on a slot machine, on average, you will win 120 Pianta Coins. So, it makes sense to spend a little time earning 20 guaranteed Pianta Coins in this game.

Besides slots, PM: TYD has four more mini-games in Pianta Parlor club, namely:

  • The Plane Game (you need a special card to participate)
  • The Paper Game (requires a silver card to participate)
  • The Tube Game (requires a gold card to participate)
  • The Boat Game (requires a platinum card to participate)

But since these games have nothing to do with casino games, we will move on to the question “Why is Nintendo constantly adding gambling games such as slots, roulette and casino card games?”

So why is Nintendo adding casinos and gambling to Mario games?

The answer is simple. Nintendo initially worked in the field of creating arcade machines, pachinko and slot machines for the Japanese market. Also, the introduction of gambling and its variations in Nintendo products is justified by the Japanese propensity for gambling. According to rumors, Shigeru Miyamoto loves to play pachinko and slots, which is why already even NES Super Mario Bros games had card games in which you had to guess three of a kind.

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