Nintendo owns few long-standing franchises in the video game industry, and one of them is the familiar, all-time favourite Super Mario. It often celebrates the history of those franchises and makes an overview of their success. Mario has experienced a few such celebrations – in 2010 the company celebrated the plumber 25th anniversary with the Super Mario All-Stars edition. In 2015 on the 30th anniversary of Mario Nintendo released the 8-bit Mario amiibo edition, as well as the first Super Mario Maker version. 

Nintendo will celebrate the classic Mario titles

Nintendo has big plans for Mario’s 35th anniversary which, according to various sources will satisfy the most devoted fans of this game. Few game news sites reported that Nintendo has plans to hold an event in celebration of the plumber’s three and a half-decade run. The company reportedly is planning to re-release most of Mario’s catalogue of games from the past years, remastered for the Nintendo Switch. Sources don’t specify exactly which games would be included. Reportedly, Super Mario Galaxy (2007) and Super Mario Sunshine (2002) are included in the collection along with other 3D Mario games.  

It’s not specified if these games will come in a single collection. However, Super Mario 3D World is getting a standalone release as a deluxe version, similar to what happened with New Super Mario Bros.U. This continues Nintendo’s theme of slightly upgrading Wii U titles since there was no great interest for that console. Reports state that the new 3D World will come with an array of new levels.

These plans will be revealed in detail alongside an announcement for the Nintendo/Universal partnership. These two companies have a long-term collaboration to put together a Super Nintendo World theme park in addition to an animated Super Mario movie.

Mario adventures as an inspiration in the world of gaming

Previously, Nintendo revealed an interactive Lego Mario set that takes players through levels as a part of the 35th anniversary commemoration. Lego’s set design manager Jonathan Bennink stated that a lot of design thinking went into creating Mario and that they worked very closely with the Nintendo IP team. This company is digitally and technologically very strong, so they collaborated on tech and the gaming concept as well. They leveraged each other’s expertise and created a project that will raise interest among Mario game lovers.

It is not unusual that specifically, the game of Mario presents an inspiration for different video games, themed parks and even online slots games. The story for Mario and its adventures was presented by many slot game developers that saw the potential success. From space themes to futuristic setups and heroic scenarios – they have been among the popular and most played online slots. If you are a fan of cosmic galaxy-themed slots games, check out NetEnt’s finest game – Starburst slot game and make a comparison between these highly appealing and engaging online games.

Future plans                                                              

Nintendo plans to roll this announcement in June and hopefully, the event will be held by the end of 2020. They have not made any official announcements for the event, anniversary plans and list of the game releases. The list of upcoming Switch games is lacking big first-party items at the moment, so introducing a collection of remastered Mario classics would be a nice way to make a better impression. Rumours provide no information about which 2D Mario games could be released. It’s worth mentioning that a lot of them are already available on Switch through the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. We can only wait and see if this stops them from including the 2D version in the new collection. As other companies like Microsoft and Sony gear up for next-gen releases, this move will be an effective way to push the Switch platform, while continuing to nurture and retain Nintendo’s core fanbase.

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