Top Tiles:  5 of the Best Casino Games Hidden in Super Mario

On the surface it is an odd combination, but the reality is that gaming of this kind and gambling features have long been intertwined to add to the experience of the player taking part.

Thus, with Super Mario being the best game, and with the added mix of gambling theatrics, we have produced this TOP 5 casino games list and all these titles are, of course, found within the titles of the game.

Poker Games:

As the image shows, Luigi takes on the role of the casino croupier. Found within the Super Mario 64 DS, this is a poker game. You will be dealt a hand with the choice to replace all or just some of the cards. Luigi will then make those decisions for himself. Both you and Luigi have 5 cards and the strongest hand wins.

To know your hands in a game of poker you need to basically aim for matching sets: you have 2 pairs, 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, as well as a 5 of a kind or a full house to win.

Slot Machines:

By far the most popular game within online casinos, slot machines are easy to play and win from. Whilst this game is presented by Mario and not Luigi this time, you can find your own slots from within which play just like the game in the image. Enjoy the same great animation and opportunities to win, the only difference is the money is real. You play just like what you see in the image: great gameplay and animation, the only difference is you win real money. You have real games like this with multi-reels and different cash prizes.

Early Mario games used 8-bit styled slots in their games before but has now progressed with the time to match that of real online.


A classic, and for many players a favorite. Here, the numbers of the roulette wheel are replaced with the character symbols of the game’s icons. It still retains the red and black choices of a real wheel and the principle of the bet is the same, pick where you think the ball will land. You’ll play with 10 coins and your maximum bet can be 5 of those on one spin. Just like the real game of roulette, you can pick lines and on the junction of 4 symbols. The game will cease when the coins have run out.

Casino War:

Within the newer versions of Super Mario Brothers, you can enjoy a card game called Casino War. In the game, Luigi’s Thrilling Cards, which is only playable if you have the ‘versus’ mode set up.

The game is simple to play. You have two cards and you will bet before they face of those cards are revealed. You can bet on whether your cards are going to be higher that your opponents or not.


Load up the New Super Mario Brothers for the DS to discover this game. Called Luigi-jack in the Mario game, it’s a compelling take on the real card game. Score as close to 21 to win and beat the casino. In this game you have 30 coins to play with, but go over the 21 marker and you go bust!

Go see for yourself and discover how much better gaming is when there is a gamble or two featured within it.

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