Patience is defined as the ability to suffer or endure something without being upset. This term is very common in the world of video games as it is not uncommon for long-awaited titles to be delayed or games to be announced and months to go by without knowing much about their development. Patience is a virtue, but as everything has a limit, it also runs out.

Today we bring you a sample of it and it is that the majority of Nintendo fans are still waiting like water of May for the first Nintendo Direct of 2020. Yes, it’s true that a Nintendo Direct from Anmial Crossing: New Horizons was recently shared, but that’s not much use to anxious fans who don’t care about the franchise. I mean, people want an overall Nintendo Direct, with its first party, third party and indie games for the hybrid system.

Well, in the absence of such a broadcast, one fan decided to create his own Nintendo Direct on Switch. Released on YouTube by BeardBear, this fan-made broadcast comes directly to us through the versatile level editor of Super Mario Maker 2. This level is called Nintendo Direct: The Level.

Strange Mario Bros games you didn’t know existed

Mario Bros is one of the most popular characters in the world of video games, online casino companies and popular culture; however, there are video games about the mustache that very few people know about.

Let’s start by saying that Mario came out of the first Donkey Kong game, created by Shigeru Miyamoto-san in 1981, which was inspired by the love triangle of Popeye the sailor’s comic strips and cartoons.

In that sense, Vilma, equivalent to the character of Olive, was kidnapped by Donkey Kong and had to be saved by Jump Man, the hero. In the game, the character had to face all kinds of obstacles; from barrels, hammers and strange creatures to reach the top of a structure where the princess was waiting.

After that, Miyamoto-san decided to make Jump Man more important, so he decided to rename it Mario. That’s how Mario Bros. was born in 1982 for Nintendo’s Arcade.

After almost 40 years of existence, Mario Bros. continues in the collective memory with classic titles, but also with new releases that are still hits.

Mario is Missing!

Did you think Luigi was only a star in Luigi’s Mansion? No, Mario Bros’ brother was the star of a video game called Mario is Missing! (very strange, by the way). But even though it looks interesting, it wasn’t.

This could be considered one of the worst hoaxes in history because the cover looked super promising. We had Luigi as the main character with a lamp, walking through a dungeon with Bowser behind him and imposing.

Everything looked complimentary. Luigi as the main character, something that hadn’t been seen and the title that in theory said everything, but at the same time nothing. Mario is missing! made us think that the plumber was lost and that his brother should rescue him through incredible adventures.

The whole plot sounded interesting and turned out to generate great expectations, but in reality we found ourselves with an educational video game in which, yes, Luigi had to rescue Mario, but not as we were used to, but rather everything had to be solved through historical and educational lessons.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to study with our favourite Nintendo characters, but what a lot of fans were hoping for was to have the action and adventure that was the order of the day in the company’s video games.

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