Our friends over at slappedham.com have sent us over this fantastic Mario article for your amusement! What a bunch of legends! Check out these awesome and awesomely rare Mario Merchandise pieces and then don’t forget to check out their site and youtube too!

Soft-drink with all your favourite characters

In the early 90s Nintendo released a range of sodas sporting various Mario characters. Luigi was berry flavoured. Princess Toadstool before she was known as peach tasted like cherries apparently. Yoshi being green was cleverly flavoured apple. And Mario was punch flavoured, I guess ‘cos he has anger issues?

Mario Soda

DS Birthday Cake

Is your kid screaming ‘I want a Mario birthday cake!’ but you can’t be bothered making one? Well Nintendo delivered with this interesting Nindendo DS shaped jam and sponge cake featuring Mario and Luigi artwork. The bulk of the ‘console’ is edible while the screen is a piece of cardboard for writing special wishes for loved ones. This piece of merch was launched to coincide with the release of New Super Mario Bros.

Mario ds cake

Cookie Jar Toad

A bit of a half-hearted attempt here by Nintendo. It’s a cookie jar that sort of looks like Toad. When the lid is opened and you reach for a sweet sweet cookie a Mario inspired tune is said to play.

Toad cookie jar

A range of Mario bathroom merchandise

So you’ve just finished a frantic game of Lost Levels and you’ve worked up a sweat (it happens). It’s time to hit the shower, well Nintendo’s got you covered. From a Gameboy Mario sponge to various shampoos, there’s even a warp-pipe shower head with built-in scald protection. Thanks Nintendo, now I smell plumber fresh.

Game sponge Showerspray Mario Shampoo Mario Shampoo

Mario Footwear

If only I could jump as high as Mario, I’d get all the princesses. Well fear not, ‘cos once again Nintendo have you covered. Check out this awesome selection of sneakers:

Paper mario sneakers Paper luigi sneakers Wario sneakers Mario_sneakers Paper peach sneakers Mario and bowser shoes

Donkey Kong Jenga

On the list of rare Mario merchandise this has to be one of the cooler items – it’s Donkey Kong Jenga. Released back in 2008, this piece of memorabilia gold can be played in two ways: the first , standard Jenga rules apply; the second introduces some classic Donkey Kong mayhem into the mix. The players must spin a special wheel that determines how many pieces must be removed each turn. The wheel also dictates how many levels the Mario game pieces can climb. The player whose Mario game piece reaches Pauline first before the tower collapses wins the game. I want one – I want one now!

Jenga dk

Well that’s it for rare Mario merchandise. If you liked this list then head on over to Slapped Ham we’ve got a ton of strange trivia lists to raise your eyebrows and make you go ‘Oh wow!’.

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