It’s been over thirty-five years since he Italian moustachioed Italian plumber started jumping over our screens landing on the heads of his enemies, and his popularity has not waned – Super Mario remains one of the most popular video game characters ever!

If you can remember way back when the little jumping guy appeared in Donkey Kong trying to rescue his girlfriend then you will probably be one of the gamers that has followed his history, and since 1981 there have been a lot of games, more than 170 are noted in the Mario Wiki.

We have been treated to those classics that not many people have not heard of.  Titles like ‘Super Mario Wold’ on the Super Nintendo has been played at least once by the majority of those that have enjoyed any video game, ever!

Super Mario World Levels

Other more esoteric games likely to be understood only by those die-hard Super Mario fans include titles like Mario’s Time Machine and Hotel Mario.

So, whatever your age group there is a Super Mario that you probably feel is the best and maybe its included below.

Super Mario transfers over to our small screen really well and maybe that is part of the reason that the games remain so popular, standing the test of time. In fact, those industries and sites like the trusted New Zealand online casinos which had the foresight to optimise games for mobile devices (like the online gambling industry) are the most successful today.

The first portable version of Super Mario was played on the Game Boy and came with Super Mario Land which took the concept of the original NES game making something completely new.

This standard platformer where you begin on the left side of a level working your way across bashing as many enemies and trying not to get killed along the way.  Back in 1989 when the game was first released made a great impact on many.

For many (for many years) Super Mario Galaxy 2 was the pinnacle of 3D Super Mario games. Taking a space theme (from the first Galaxy game) allowed for a new take on how the Super Mario levels were structured.

When we look back Galaxy 2 was an unafraid and technically it was a master work in 3D platforming.

Today, it’s the new Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe that has everyone talking.

This year’s U Deluxe is a 2D side scrolling platformer so not a lot of change there. Characters and backgrounds are modelled in the 3D Mario style and each level can be played by four players at the same time.

Returning to the Mushroom Kingdom the free-roaming adventure with the re-introduced classic Mario overworld map which lets you unlock those entertaining secret levels and paths wihich ultimately lead you to Bowser.

The characters are still Luigi, Mario, Blue and Yellow toad as well as Nabbit, but U Deluxe also sees the introduction of Toadette, who comes with her own unique power up, the Super Crown and very sticky feet.

New Super Maro Bros, U Deluxe has really managed to resurrect the platforming star. It’s both charming and with a scalable challenge based on the characters you play it is right up there with the best.

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