The iconic show from AMC, Breaking Bad, is widely considered to be one of the finest television shows in history. This week ten years ago saw its debut, and AMC Espana celebrated this by releasing a side-scrolling video in a video game style which races through the show’s entire five seasons in just more than 60 seconds. You can even enjoy Walter White performing a Mario Brothers-esque jump, giving you a whole new perspective on both the show and the iconic game!

Needless to say, the globe is lapping up the video, with praise pouring in for the show and it’s actors once more. The frenzy following both the Mario Brothers and Breaking Bad is comparable to that which greeted the availability of the top online slots Canada has to offer when they first started being released online, and the tribute is going viral.

Steer Clear if You Haven’t Seen the Show

The video is obviously full of spoilers, so steer clear of it if you haven’t seen the show. This however shouldn’t prove to be too much of a deterrent -it has been off the air since 2013! If you are a fan, then the fun, full-speed-ahead take on the adventures of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston and their meth-soaked masterpiece is not to be missed! Paul even mentioned the video on Twitter, ensuring that many more people made a point of watching it. From the bloody bath of acid in the second episode to Grus Fring’s split personality, the video manages to hit almost every one of highlights.

The January 2008 Premier

Breaking Bad premiered in January of 2008 and came to an end five critically acclaimed seasons later, in 2003. A spin off prequel, Better Call Saul, premiered two years later, and is still going strong after three seasons on the air.

Breaking Bad in a Nutshell

A gentle high school chemistry teacher named Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, thinks things can’t get much worse. His salary barely covers the bills; with this situation looking likely to worsen once his pregnant wife gives birth, and is teenaged son is battling cerebral palsy. White gets dumbstruck by a terminal cancer diagnosis, and, realising that this illness will ruin his family in terms of their finances, he starts trying to earn money as quickly as he can with the time he has left him by transforming an old RV into a mobile meth lab. Illegal yes, but wow, what a storyline!

Don’t miss the magic of the Mario-styled animation and voice over looking back at Breaking Bad!

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