The Japanese company has revealed more about the brand-new Mario Tennis game for Switch, although details are still being kept under lock and key for the most part. It is called Mario Tennis Aces, and is going to be the very first sports game for Mario for Switch since the console was launched last year. It is set to debut in spring this year.

Fans of the iconic Mario games are incredibly excited about getting their hands on the new game, and the buzz surrounding it could well be compared to that which greeted the debut of real money slots just a few short years ago! While these kinds of game have since become part and parcel of our everyday lives, there was simply nothing like it at the time.

A New Story Mode

Mario Tennis Aces will, interestingly, contain a totally new story mode for players to enjoy. This fact makes it the very first tennis game from Mario to include a campaign since the Mario Power Tennis, as it is referred to in Australia and Europe, or Mario Tennis: Power Tour game debut back in 2005.

Unfortunately there is simply not that much additional information available currently, a tactic being used to increase the hype surrounding the game’s launch no doubt, although it has been confirmed that the game is being created by Camelot, the long time sports developer for Mario. Presentations are available at various online sites for players to view if they wish to.

Hopefully it Beats Mario Sports Superstars

The most recent Nintendo sports game from Mario was Mario Sports Superstars, which launched for 3DS in 2017. The last standalone game for Mario Tennis, meanwhile, came in 2015 for Wii U, and it garnered a disappointing reception from critics. Appraisers stated that Ultra Smash did the bare minimum, and although it shone at times, it frustrated as well. There was a conspicuous lack of content to drive longevity, and many players reported switching back over to Mario Kart sooner rather than later, although enjoying it online or with friends at home did see those playing it report better experiences albeit only marginally.

Mario Tennis Aces Looks Likely to be a Winner

Everyone loves a good tennis game, however, and Mario Tennis Aces for Switch does look likely to perform properly. The character steps onto the court in well-designed tennis garb and then rallies against a range of different characters in all-out tennis battles.

New Wrinkles in the Gameplay

New wrinkles in the gameplay for the tennis game will challenge players’ ability to properly identify their opponent’s positions and strokes in order to determine which shop will give them the biggest advantage. This is the first story mode to be added to a Mario Tennis game since the Game Boy Advance release, and offers a new flavour of tennis gameplay with a range of missions and boss battles for players to enjoy on their way to the top.

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