Undoubtedly, video games are trending nowadays! May it be a kindergarten toddler or a teenage guy, everyone around are crazy about video games. Moreover, when one can buy such smart, thrilling, and entertaining inventions of technology at an affordable rate now from the premium online stores like argos.co.uk, why wouldn’t the fever of video games go up and up??

There is a wide array of such games in the market. When there are some of the longest and tedious ones in the market which let the players play for hours and hours, while there exist some shorter ones also which are quite time-friendly, but of course, compelling up to the same extent.

If you are a die-hard fan of playing video games then I can assure that you would simply love these games. Do you want to know about the same?

Then, just read ahead!


  1. Portal


Portal is definitely a modern classic! It can be one of the best games existing in today’s world when it comes idiosyncratic and well-designed video games in the market. The premise of the game is exceedingly simple. The character within which you have to delve yourself while playing this game would be Chell, a prisoner who is confined in the Aperture Science Center, and you will have a portal gun in your hand which will be given to you by GLaDOS. You would win and GLaDOS would give you a piece of cake if you take the gun and finally become the guinea pig jumping the portal and you will die if you aren’t able to do so. You can finish a round of this game in just 4 hours.


  1. Journey


If you opt for playing Journey, it would be a privilege for you. The design of this game is so pure, a beauty exists in its world, and last but not the least, the soothing music makes it just a perfect piece of entertainment. When you start playing this game, you will pass through a bunch of memorable and splendid sights which will give you an outstanding experience. Besides, being such an interesting and attractive game, you could play it within just 2 hours!


  1. Superhot


There might be a huge number of shooting games present around you, but if you speak about the playful inversions of the same, the number won’t go much higher. However, Superhot is one such. It has a minimal level of art style and a puzzling ambiance which makes this game super-exciting! It takes just 2 hours to play this game, but these two hours will be filled with adventure and thrill.


  1. Virginia


There’s no much mystery in the maximum number of video games which sometimes let the players feel a lack of interest. However, when it comes to Virginia then the scenario is not the same. It is an extremely mysterious one where you will play the role of an FBI agent investigating the disappearance of a young boy. You would take just 2 hours to play this game.


Summing Up


So, this is the list of the four such astounding video games in the market that you can play while spending less than 6 hours of your valuable time. It is true that once you will be done with playing each one of them then you are going to thank me for letting you know about some of the most amazing video games ever.

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