Mario without his shirt on is Nintendo telling us that he’s just a human like the rest of us. Besides, wouldn’t it have been weirder if the plucky plumber didn’t have any?

The worldwide hysteria that resulted from Nintendo releasing a tweet to promote the upcoming release of Super Mario Odyssey with a picture of Mario in swimming trucks focused on one small detail: his nipples.

There, right where they should be, were two seemingly normal nipples, and although the lack of chest hair was also remarked upon, the public gaze for the most part remained fixed on the two chest-protuberances.

No Matter that Mario was on a Beach

It was a matter of split seconds before the Mario picture was another nipple-gate, and anyone with even a small knowledge of the character, and a Twitter account, leaped into the fray to express their incredulity, dismay, disbelief, and confusion over the fact that the game character had simply disregarded a shirt, as well!

Bearing in mind that this was although Mario was on a beach, playing in the sand –this was a poor excuse for removing his red shirt and blue overalls, according to many.

Precedence does state, however, that Mario has visited beaches in the past and was disinclined to strip down then. Although retro is hot right now, times seem to have changed, and this is in line with the gaming company making their most recognisable character more human.

A Switch Event in January had Nintendo Demoing the Game

A Switch occasion, held in January, is where Nintendo demonstrated the new gameplay for the upcoming Odyssey.

During the demo, we saw that Mario was in New Donk City, a fictionalised New York City of course, and we saw him leaping atop cars and scurrying around parks. However, unlike other Mario games, where the only humans were Mario himself and a few of his friends, New Donk City is filled with all the street characters you would expect, and every single one loomed over our hero.

You will be able to see for yourself on the 27th of October, when the game is released. Take a break from your real money pokies play, and find out what the intervening years have done to our favourite hero!

An Interview with Kenta Motokura, Director of SMO

When asked about whether Mario was human, Kenta Motokura, the director for Super Mario Odyssey, confirmed that he was, and that the reason that he looked so different from the other humans in the game is that there are many different types of people in the world, and the game was simply reflecting that.

It’s being argued that this is the reason the nipple-gate picture was released –and why he takes naps when he gets tired in Super Mario Odyssey, and jumps around when he gets excited.

Nintendo wants this latest version of Mario to feel more human than he ever has, and this is the way they are going about doing that.

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