Is our beloved video game character telling the tale of a mid-life crisis? In the lead-up to the October 27 release of Super Mario Odyssey, it has been revealed that he is no longer a plumber, and not only has Mario taken up grooming moustaches, he seems to have abandoned his modesty, too, and is totally fine with revealing his beach body.

He is also able to send vertical snaps: the game’s latest mode, recently announced by Nintendo, will let players transform their horizontal in-game screenshots into photos that they can send to their smartphones. And, thanks to introduction of Snapshot Mode, Nintendo has just ensured that the game’s players will be allowed to create and maintain a stream of weird photos and memes as they like.

More Details on Super Mario Odyssey Snap Shot Mode

Snapshot Mode allows you to snap a quick pic whenever you want to, and, when you freeze time in this manner, you will be able to move the camera around the frozen character as you want to.

You can zoom in for a close-up of his winning smile if that is what you’re looking at, or zoom out to record details of Mario’s best life if that’s what you prefer. The photos can be subjected to filters, too, but the most thrilling aspect is the fact that you can send these photos to your smartphone device if you want to.

Just like the excitement that online slots Canada provide, come the end of October, you can share a funny thought or two from your Super Mario Odyssey play!

Nintendo Intent on Creating a Viral Sensation

Nintendo knows full well that it has the chance to create a viral sensation with Super Mario Odyssey.

The snapshots that the company made use of when demonstrating the mode of the same name are already doing the rounds: there’s a Koopa wearing Mario’s hat and a wicked moustache, a brave Blue Toad reading a book and chatting away, a scary shape-shifting Mario, and a Mario who seems to be astride what looks like a very small dinosaur!

Image Sharing is the Goal

Nintendo is keeping up with the times, especially as the growth of mobile gaming has spurred on a more interactive player environment.

The game of Super Mario Odyssey was crafted with image sharing in mind. Mario is thus able to do super-adorable things, and can change shape as he pleases, while he doggedly explores a vast array of fantastic new worlds.

These days we all want to be able to share our favourite moments with others online, whether they are in-game or in-real-life.

The Snapshot Mode for Super Mario Odyssey is proof that game developers and publishers are taking note of their players’ needs and wishes, and are working these into the newest entertainment to be had.

Gamers around the world are eagerly anticipating the game’s release, and the slew of memes as a result of the Snapshot Mode are going to be an avalanche sooner rather than later!

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