Today we are claiming Super Smash Bros as a Mario title and delving into the original 64 version! Sit back, throw some Pokeballs and enjoy as we explore these 11 Easter eggs, regional differences and cut content bits!


Number 11 – Dragon King: The Fighting Game

This game was an unfinished low budget 3D fighting game developed by Nintendo with a set aim: to use the joystick in a unique way. It had had it’s own game series planned but once Nintendo characters were added to give it a more Nintendo 64 feel, Super Smash Bros. was born!

Dragon_king_2 Dragon-King--The-Fighting-Game

Number 10 – Shabby DK

This is what happens when you leave a Monkey to dress himself. The official artwork for Donkey Kong somehow was mirrored during the release! As a result we can see DK’s initials appearing backwards on his Tie!


Number 9 – Punch Sound Effects

In the Japanese release of the game the attack sounds are actually real punching noises! I’m not sure if this means they actually recorded someone getting punched or if they just used stage noises but either way this was likely changed in the Western release to make it a bit friendlier to younger audiences.

Number 8 – Hidden Stages

Hiding unused in the games data are these two stages! As you will have noticed, these look a lot like the Dream Land Stage and both even use it’s background music. It’s believed these hidden levels were used for testing purposes.

SSBUnusedLevel SSBUnusedLevel2

Number 7 – Character order

On the character selection screen if you exclude the unlockable characters they are actually organized in the same order they appeared in their own respective video games! Starting with the older game stars like Mario, DK and Link and ending with the newer introductions like Fox and Pikachu.


Number 6 – Shocking Samus

A little Samus Easter egg here, whilst all other characters show their skeletons when they are hit with an electric attack, Samus’s outline appears without her suit when she is zapped.

ssb_samus_electric_attack ssb_samus_electric_attack

Number 5 – Dapper Falcon

Who knew Captain Falcon was such a showman! He actually has the most usable costumes in the game with six compared to most other characters having four or five. Technically Yoshi does match his six different costumes but since two are only available to wear via hacking or seen on the CPU Yoshi’s in 1 player mode if you are fighting them, we won’t count him!

There are a couple of other interesting Captain Falcon bits and pieces in Super Smash Bros too, such as his “Congratulations!” screen is the only one in the game that uses old images from original games, he is the only character that doesn’t use his own head as a life stock icon (instead using a falcon) and also Captain Falcon and Ness are the only 2 characters that don’t have a level based on their original game franchises!


Number 4 – Peach’s Castle

A couple of interesting bits regarding this fancy stage. First of all in an early version, the castle lacked it’s sign, the bridge and also the sliding stone block at the bottom!

Peach’s Castle is also the first stage to implement an item as a hazard with that annoying bumper at the top!


Number 3 – Mushroom Kingdom Madness

Next time you are playing on the Mushroom Kingdom stage, pause the game and take a look to the left or right of the level. Outside the gameplay area there are warning signs that read “danger”, presumably to warn us that the boundary is there. This also appears in the Melee remake!


If you look at the background of this stage too you will see Green Koopa Troopa’s walking back and forth. What kind of Mario universe is this! Everyone knows that Green Koopa Troopa’s will walk off the edge of platforms and it’s the Red guys that turn around and walk back!


Number 2 – Japan Exclusive

Believe it or not, Super Smash Bros was actually created and developed with a relatively low budget! In fact, the game was originally intended as a Japan only released and didn’t even have much publicity. The game was just too awesome though and it’s success quickly lead to Nintendo working on an international release.

Interestingly though there is an unused voice clip hiding in the Japanese version where the announcer says “Jigglypuff!”, on the surface this sounds innocent but Jigglypuff’s name in Japan is actually Purin. Does this suggest that the developers maybe did plan an international release earlier? Old Jiggles is the only character whose name is different in English and Japanese so there is definitely a bit of a mystery here!


Number 1 – Character Poll

After the release of Smash Bros. in Japan, Nintendo ran a poll on their website allowing people to vote on potential future character additions. Surprisingly Bowser was the top voted character that people wanted to see in the game! In fact, from the top 10 voted characters, Bowser was one of six that have been since added into the series as either playable characters or in the case of Toad and Mew, making cameos. Characters like Gannon from the Legend of Zelda, James Bond and even Banjo and Kazooie were a part of the 4 that didn’t make the cut, possibly due to licensing issues, at least with the latter 2 characters.


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