Hello friends and welcome to another quick Mariomayhem.com video! Today it’s back to the platformers with the 4th bestselling Wii title and a true Mario classic, In fact this game was the first Mario platformer to come to a home console since Super Mario World, 19 years earlier! With over 28 million sales to date and being the second bestselling Mario title on the platform, behind only Mario Kart, I’m sure I’m not the only one that has a special place for the New Super Mario Bros Wii in their heart!


Starting with Number 7 – Missing Hat

For those of you that haven’t managed to make it, once you have 99 lives with Mario he will start playing without his hat! This only works for Mario and doesn’t actually effect the game play, but it is a neat little addition by Nintendo. If you are finding it hard to rack up that many lives I recommend playing world 1-2 a few times as that’s probably the easiest level to collect them!


Number 6 – Beta Bits

On the games disc the file “obj_block.arc” contains an early design for the block roulette that is more along the lines of the one seen in the New Super Mario Bros. DS game. This file also contains an earlier version of the power up icons! You may notice the lack of the Ice Flower in the earlier version and the change from a mini Mushroom to a 1 up in the final cut!

There are also a number of other beta bits that didn’t quite make it into the game. Some of these include Yoshi’s Cookies making an appearance with the same purpose as berries, the Light Blue Yoshi was going to be just blue, the Pink Yoshi was originally red, an early picture of the game showed a Red toad in game play instead of a yellow one and even the Mega Mushroom was going to make an appearance!

NSMBWearlyroulette NSMBW_Rouletteblock NSMBWEarlyrouletteobj NSMBWfinalroulette

Number 5 – Pokey Power Up

Admit it, you giggled at the enemies dancing with the games music too! Not only is this classic Nintendo, it can also help you with our old cactus friend Pokey! When Pokeys dance they swap their spikes for flowers, if you eat them with Yoshi at this moment not only will they be instantly beaten but Yoshi will also lay an egg with a power-up! This power up varies depending how many segments of Pokey remain so you might be in for some coins, a one up or something in-between if you catch them dancing!


Number 4 – Giant Buzzy Beetle

Hiding unused amongst the games data is this Giant Buzzy Beetle! Using hacks however one can actually have him unlocked in one level! The Giant Buzzy Beetle is basically a continuous moving platform for Mario to stand on to cover areas he couldn’t normally cover! The giant beetle is pretty much invincible apart from the devastating effects of a well aimed POW block.


At Number 3 we have – Disc Colour Pattern

Apart from appreciating the awesome game art on the Wii Disc itself you probably didn’t think too much about it. Take a closer look now, is it coincidence that the colour arrangement of the characters matches the buttons of the SNES controller? It’s unknown if this was actually intentional but you could so see Nintendo doing something like this!


Number 2 – Playable Peach

Princess Peach was nearly a playable character in the New Super Mario bros wii! Just like in Super Mario Bros. 2, Shigeru Miyamoto considered changing the Princesses role from the damsel in distress to ruthless Goomba slayer! Eventually however it was considered too difficult to animate her dress so we ended up with the two toads instead. Thankfully 4 years after this game, however, with the release of Super Mario 3D World we got our playable Princess, animated dress and all!


And finally at Number 1 we have – Missing Chicken Suit

In terms of final points in a count down a missing chicken suit surely wasn’t expected. Concept art has been discovered showing that The new Super Mario Bros. Wii originally planned a chicken suit as one of it’s power-ups! It was never released what this power-up would have actually done but it is speculated that it might have been replaced by the penguin suit. I can’t really see a chicken Mario throwing ice and sliding around though so who knows what the creative minds at Nintendo would have come up with as it’s powers!


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