Get out your Game Boys and get ready for a road trip as we explore the 4th best selling Game Boy Game ever, Super Mario Land! Video at the bottom of the post!


Number 5 – Misleading Koopa Troopa’s

On the original game box and also in Nintendo’s Eshop, the description of this game includes the enthralling selling point of Koopa Troopa’s appearing. The turtle like enemies in the game aren’t actually Koopa Troopa’s though as the developers ran out of time when it came to reproducing the token ricochet effect of the shells on the Game Boy’s hardware. The enemies that appear are actually called Bombshell Koopa’s and don’t reappear in any other games!

Nokobonsprite1 Nokobon_bombshell_koopa_artwork

Number 4 – Missing Miyamoto

Super Mario Land was actually the first Mario game to be created without the help of Shigeru Miyamoto! Instead development was headed up by Nintendo R&D1 with Gunpei Yokoi as guiding producer. This could explain a few weird bits in the game and also perhaps why this is the only game where Princess Daisy plays the damsel-in-distress role.


Number 3 – Daisy Princess

Speaking of Daisy, the instruction manual actually refers to her as “Daisy Princess” rather than “Princess Daisy”. This is due to the Japanse version of her name, Deiji-Hime, puts the word “Daisy” before “Princess”.


Number 2 – 1-Up Replacement

When everything is black and white it can be hard to distinguish a 1 up from a regular shroom, because of the Game Boy’s lack of colour the 1 up Mushrooms were replaced with hearts. Since the next iteration of Super Mario Land was also on the Game Boy It’s no surprise that this heart shaped 1 up carried over into the sequel of the game too!

SMLFlower SMLHeart SMLStar Super_Mario_Land_Mushroom

Number 1 – Brutal Enemies

If you read the game manual a little closer it sheds some gruesome light onto the origin of the enemies known as Honen. Apparently these critters are actually the undead skeletons of another enemy known as Torion’s that have been eaten by the main villain of the game Tatanga! And you thought Goomba’s were intense!

Honen artwork Torion artwork

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