Today we are going to take a look at some of Mario’s buddies that have helped us along in our journey through the Mushroom Kingdom! From helpful hounds to grateful Goomba’s we cover a few of the forgotten comrades that has helped Mario over the years. For those that prefer their Mario in video form, jump to the bottom of the post!

Super mario buddies

Starting with Number 6 – Poochy

You will remember this little rap scallion floating around in Yoshi’s island! Nudging eggs in your direction, helping you over spiky tracks and giving you a lift up when you needed it! Poochy has since reappeared in various games like Yoshi’s Story to help you out and the poor bugger was even put under a spell by Kamek in Tetris Attack! This faithful hound still loves to help whenever he is around though!

poochyYoshis Story Poochy

poochy animation

Number 5 – Dorrie

Need to cross some water or get to a higher area? Dorrie is the Plesiosaurus for you! Suspected to be modeled after the Loch Ness Monster, this helpful dinosaur is probably best remembered from Super Mario 64’s Hazey Maze Cave but he slash she has made other appearances too, such as helping you across the toxic purple goo in the New Super Mario bros!

Dorrie new smb Dorrie New Super Mario Bros super mario 64 dorrie super mario 64 dorrie 2

At Number 4 we have – Plessie

Largely resembling Dorrie, This orange dinosaur like creature will be known to fans of Super Mario 3D World where this creature debuted! For those of you not familiar with the game, Plessie helps you slide down rivers, sand dunes and even a rainbow run. Again looking a bit like a mixture of Yoshi and the Loch Ness Monster, comparisons have been made between the name Plessie and the nick name of the Loch Ness Monster Nessie!

Plessie Super Mario 3D World

Plessie Super Mario 3D World

At Number 3 – Message Blocks

Stuck in Super Mario World? Message blocks to the rescue! Admittedly I never really bothered too much with these and kind of cursed a little when I did hit them, but they are your buddy whether you want them or not. Kind of like that friend at a party that once you make eye contact with they start telling you a bunch of stuff you already know or don’t want to hear.

SMW message block smw msg hack

Number 2 – Goombario

We usually associate Goomba’s as the enemy but let’s not forget about the helpful ones! Goombario was our buddy back in 2000 when he first appeared in Paper Mario. This helpful Goomba provides information on enemies and locations and even assists during battle. In case his name alone didn’t set you off, Goompapa also suggests Goombario is named after Mario himself!

Goombario Goombario 2

And finally at Number 1 we have – Bob-omb Buddy

Fresh from Super Mario 64 back in 1996, who can forget these pink cannon opening buddies? Without the help of these guys there is no way we could blast away at Whomp’s fortress or take flight in Bob-omb’s Battle field! Their back story even states they have a long standing rivalry with the evil Bob-omb’s, so we know they won’t be sabotaging our cannons any time soon either!

Bob-omb Buddy Bob-omb Buddy SM64 bob-omb battlefield

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