Super Mario and his brothers have become one of the most easily recognised characters from in the world, never mind in the gaming sector due to their dominance since the start of the gaming industry when it burst onto the scene. Due to this, their creators and owners Nintendo have brought out hundreds of different episodes for us gamers to enjoy, some being more successful for than others, and below we look at some of the favourites of all time in the Super Mario and Bros gaming world.

[Image: Nintendo Life]

Although Super Mario Odyssey cannot be viewed as one of the retro classics from the Super Mario series, it’s one of the latest to be released back in 2017 and has therefore been able to benefit from the latest gaming technology and trends. Odyssey is the more creative, impressive and technically sound 3D Mario game that Nintendo has ever made and ensure that it pleases every game in some sort of way. Although it has moved away from the 2D classic Mario game, it still has that classic Mario feel which is why it’s one of our favourite Mario games to date.

Another Mario edition that we can’t create a list without mentioning it, has to be Mario Kart which was easily one of the most sold games on Wii when initially released. Mario Kart brought the element of competitiveness to family game time in which friends and family could compete against each other on a host of different racing tracks and benefit from the different perks that the game has to offer. Mario Kart on Wii was also one of the first games on Wii to allow you to race against players online and was one of the main reasons as to why it was a success. Other games that has become a huge success due to their competitiveness is at these online casinos here, which are offering some of the highest-quality competitive markets online, and all can be deposited with credit cards which is an added bonus for all punters. And finally, New Super Mario Bros which was brought out on the originally Nintendo DS back in 2006 which was one of the first games that started to show the evolvement of Mario Bros into the 3D world – but not completely. New Super Mario Bros wasn’t the mecca of all Super Mario games but was one that was an industry changer for the series and became a household name even in the newer generation due to this game. Not only that, but the Nintendo DS was yet to take off in popularity before this game was released and can be thankful to New Super Mario Bros being released.

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