We all know and love the Koopalings but who are they and where did they really come from? Join us as we take a closer look at these bizarre Koopa’s and find out more about their mysterious origins with these 6 Koopaling Facts!

Koopalings SMW

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Number 6 – The Koopalings parents

There seems to be a little bit of mystery as to where the Koopaling’s actually come from. The official Super Mario Brothers 3 booklet states they are in fact the children of Bowser, yet in a 2012 interview with “Game informer”, Mr Miyamoto has stated that they are in fact not the children of Bowser. To make things even more confusing, 14 years later along comes Bowser Jr who certainly is the child of Bowser. So who are the Koopaling’s Parents? No one really knows!

bowser reading for koopalings

Number 5 – Koopaling Ages

Although the exact age of the Koopalings is unknown, we do know that Larry is the Youngest and Ludwig is the oldest. The actual order of their ages is the same as their appearance in Super Mario Brothers 3 which is – Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy and then Ludwig.

koopalings ages

Number 4 – The “Koopaling” word

Obviously the word Koopaling came from them being Koopas and the suffix “ling” suggests their younger relation to Bowser, or whoever their parents are. In Japan the koopalings are known as “kokuppa” which translates roughly to “little koopa”, aswell!

Koopalings NES


At Number 3 – The Koopaling models

Supposedly the Koopa Kids were all modelled after the actual design team from Super Mario Brothers 3! When you take a close look at this rag tag group of Koopalings though it must have meant that the Nintendo offices back in 1988 were certainly a colourful place to be in or there was at least some kind of hair cut competition going on at the time.

Koopaling models

Number 2 – The Koopaling names

In 2012 a former employee of Nintendo of America confirmed something we always kind of known. In case Ludwig Von Koopa didn’t set you off, the names for the Koopalings all come from famous musicians!

Koopalings names

And finally at Number 1 we have – Long lost Koopaling?

An old Prima strategy Guide actually named Boom Boom as a long lost Koopaling! Although there is no other evidence to back this up it kind of makes sense as he is sort of a mini boss before you fight the koopalings in Super Mario Brothers 3. Boom Boom’s origins have never been explained either, so he may very well have just drawn the short straw amongst the Koopalings and had to fight Mario more often and receive less prestige for his efforts. The whole thing may be bogus too, But who knows, maybe there is one more Koopaling than we think?

Boom Boom Koopaling Boom boom

Boom Boom koopaling

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