Due to the pandemic, most gamblers have locked themselves in their homes. And they have started discovering amazing online games. Some of the best online games that started with Mario are championing online get-togethers with friends.

Nintendo has always prioritized multiplayer gaming in the world of gambling. The games that we’re about to discuss here were developed to bring people together. Mario was one of the first and best gambling games to be developed. And it has managed to capture the hearts and minds of many. Now that it’s packed with additional features that you can find in modern games, it won’t be easy for avid gamblers to let go.

1.     Kirby’s Return to Dream Island

This title is number twelve in the popular series that has been performing remarkably well. The majority of players from Europe know the game as ‘Kirby’s Adventure Wii’. The game features a wide range of characters, bosses, and enemies. You’ll need to fight or evade monsters while scrolling through different levels.

It is similar to Mario in many ways but quite intricate. You have the power to copy enemies. You can swing swords and breathe fire. This is not just for purposes of creeping power but also essential in some gameplay segments. This game aims to pass through different levels while collecting spaceship pieces that have crash-landed. The game was developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo.

2.     Rabbids Kingdom Battle

First on this list is Rabbids Kingdom Battle. You’ll be excited to know that the Rabbids are back on top payout online casinos and it’s time for them to be included in the Mushroom Kingdom. By creating slots symbols and teams comprising of three people with Mario as their leader, players in UK need to fight their way through different stages with sneaky tactics and incredible power to beat their opponents. Collaborating with the rabbit version is quite bizarre. However, when you add duck bombs and health draining hammers, things start to get funny.

The game isn’t all about shooting. You have to plan your moves and attacks and work closely with your team if you want to complete each stage successfully. The single-player mode is a walk in the park. The multiplayer mood has lots of maps that will help you collaborate with friends and increase your chances of winning.

3.     Online Circuit

The Online Circuit game will turn your house into a kart racecourse. The game is one of the best inventions in the 21st century. And you’ll get the chance to make changes to your course every time you play. Using the Nintendo Switch, you can hook your camera to the remote control kart to help you capture the action as you play.

The augmented reality could be the beginning of a great way to experience another game that became popular because of Mario. The karts react the way they would in real life by drifting and speeding around the home course. You can unlock costumes, items, and much more while racing. The only disadvantage is that you have to have a strong internet connection and a device with a large screen to play this game comfortably.

4.     Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

If you enjoy playing old school games, then you can probably relate to ‘The Great Giana Sisters’, a platform game that was created and published by Time Warp Productions and Rainbow Arts back in 1987. It was popular back then that several unofficial ports were developed by several companies.

The graphics of the game are quite similar to the Mario series and the background is reminiscent due to this fact. The game is available in Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 3 to name a few.


Whether or not you decide to invest your time in video games, it doesn’t hurt to choose simpler online games. Online games that started from Mario are not only beginner-friendly but can also be accessed through computer and mobile devices. You can play them to bond with friends and pass time, especially during quarantine and self-isolation.

Now that you know that the best games started from Mario, it’s time to put your gaming skills to the test. Don’t be afraid of playing these games with your friends since it’s quite difficult for you to meet and socialize with them. Mario is one of the best games in the online gaming world thanks to Nintendo.

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