So we know everyone loves cake right? And if the reception our past posts and Facebook updates have received are anything to go by, you guys really love Super Mario Cake.

So what have we done? We have put together a compilation of 15 of the Best Super Mario Brothers cakes EVER! Some of these have already been featured here on Bowser’s Blog, but that’s only because we try to share awesome things ๐Ÿ˜›

Sit back, relax and let the drooling begin!


And the Best Mario Cakes are (in no particular order, you decide):

15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_1

15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_2

15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_3

15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_4

15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_5

15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_6

15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_7

15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_8

15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_9

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15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_10

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15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_11

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15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_12

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15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_13

15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_14

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15_of_the_Best_Super_Mario_Cakes EVER_15

Prefer some easier viewing? Check out the video below!

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  1. XxXTheNightmareXxX says:

    Haha i wish i could have someone when i was kid ^^

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