As per usual fact is stranger than fiction and these 5 interesting points about Super Mario brothers are no exception! If you think you know everything there is to know about Super Mario then I implore you to read this article and check out the video, I would be really surprised if you already knew all of these 5 points about the Mushroom kingdom!

1. The Famous Mushroom

The infamous Super Mario Power up Mushroom is actually based on the “Amanita muscaria” mushroom.

It is rumored that this type of mushroom was chosen for Super Mario because it’s psychedelic effects can make one feel as if they are growing in size when consumed.

This psychoactive mushroom even has religious significance in some cultures!

amanita muscaria mario mushroom retro Mario Mushroom

2. Star first power up to see

Did you ever notice when playing the original Super Mario Bros on the NES that only the Star power up had eyes?

It’s the norm in the Mushroom kingdom these days for power ups and items to have some sort of facial features but back then apparently only the star was worthy of seeing what was going on!

smb1 items star eyes

3. DK nearly missed Mario Kart 64

The original character list for Mario Kart 64 didn’t actually include our beloved Donkey Kong!

Thankfully we don’t have to imagine the game without our favourite crazed monkey cries, but Kamek (magikoopa) was actually the originally planned playable character!

dk kamek mario kart 64

 4. Mario Could have been Popeye

The first Donkey Kong game was actually built to be a Popeye game but Nintendo lost the rights!

As a result Popeye became Mario (jump man), Olive Oyle became the Princess and Bluto became Donkey Kong. These characters were all specifically created because of the loss of the Popeye rights, if this didn’t happen Super Mario wouldn’t exist!

Mario Popeye

5. Chain Chomps are traumatic

If you have ever cursed or been traumatized by a Chain Chomp you aren’t the only one.

It is said that Chain Chomps are modeled after a traumatic childhood experience by Shigeru Miyamoto where a neighbour’s dog chased him but was halted backwards by the chain attached to it’s collar.

chain chomp


If you prefer this list in video form then you are in for a treat:

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