During a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini, the company announced that Super Mario Odyssey will be receiving a free update in February this year which will provide brand-new items and the opportunity to compete with other players online. Once the update gets released players who have managed to complete the story mode section of the game can look forward to a brand-new one, too, called Balloon World, wherein they will be interacting with other Nintendo players from all over the world as they set tasks for others to complete and try to achieve those that their counterparts set.

The Bonus of Balloon World

Players can enter the Balloon World area when they talk to the Luigi character on top of a New Donk City skyscraper. Balloon World allows players to hide balloons within the game’s stages that other people playing the game will race around trying to find, and, conversely, players will be competing whilst hurrying to find balloon hidden by other players worldwide. Anyone and everyone’s performances will be ranked online. Much like the fun of CAD casino games, players are highly anticipating the new levels of play, and no doubt are looking forward to being able to interact with their fellow Super Mario Odyssey players around the globe.

Three New Costumes Revealed

The update will also be introducing three never-before-seen costumes:


  1. A Super Mario Sunshine themed t-shirt and glasses
  2. A musician’s costume
  3. A set of knight armour

New snapshot filters for the photo mode of Mario Odyssey will also be provided with this update, and one of these allows you to create your very own golden-hued Mario coin picture!

The Third-Best Game of 2017

Super Mario Odyssey was voted as the third-best game of 2017, and formed part of a great year for Nintendo overall thanks to Switch quickly managing to become the quickest selling console in the USA and Super Mario Odyssey managing to take the top slots of Amazon’s best selling games of 2017.

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