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5 December, 2013 | No comments

The importance of casinos in 007: Legends on the Wii

007: Legends on the Wii is a shooter game featuring James Bond and numerous other characters from six different Bond movies. The movies are: Skyfall, Goldfinger, Die Another Day, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Licence to Kill and Moonraker. They were selected so that each one features a different actor playing Bond, though in the game every different James Bond is played by Daniel Craig. If it had been done in any other way the game would be even more confusing than it is.
James bond spends much of his time in casinos. It was in a casino scene in Dr No that James Bond introduced himself to Sylvia Tench the first Bond girl telling her his name: Bond, James Bond, as they played a game of baccarat. While Dr No doesn’t feature in 007: Legends, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service does. In that film there was a casino scene in which Bond meets Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo who is played by Diana Rigg, and the game being played is roulette, though unfortunately that scene has been omitted from the game.
Casinos feature in GoldenEye and this time Bond meets Xenia Onatopp at the Casino Monte Carlo, though we get only a fleeting impression of this in the game, and unfortunately the best Bond casino scenes of all, those in Casino Royal, are not featured at all. You will have to visit an online casino such as www.jackpotcity.co.uk/online-slots instead if you want to play baccarat.
Unfortunately 007 Legends didn’t receive a particularly enthusiastic reception though the Wii version received a considerably higher rating than the PC version. The main concern was that some of the best Bond moments hadn’t been given the attention they deserved, the game was seen as a clone of Call of Duty. It was also seen as being rather repetitive.  It was also suggested that many of the scenes used were not Bond’s best, some casino scenes would have livened the plot up considerably.

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