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4 July, 2008 | 9 comments


Princess Zelda/Sheik!
Toon Link!
Donkey Kong!
Diddy Kong!
Zero suit samus!
And many many more!

I’m addicted to this game! I don’t know how I managed to get off it to come online for a bit but I did.

R.O.B- What is R.O.B I don’t have the best idea but I rhought i heard he was something that you got with Nes. Someone please explain. Anyway…Spolier elert!

[spolier]He was the minster![spolier]

Big gasp from me but R.O.B is now my favorite fighter, well he is  ontop of my list!

Toon Link

Yes even if I HATE sega, I still do like Sonic and even if I didn’t like the fact he was in brawl he is  still a good fighter!

Snake is also great, with his box and bombs!


Why the heck haven’t I seen it before! Brawl is the best fighting thing ever to hit wii! I have played it none-stop for two days. It’s got class new stages! Luigi’s mansion! Green hill zone! Pirite ship (Toon-link) I can safely say, brawl is not going to get old for long time!


I almost forgot about todays top tip! You can gues what game it’s for, brawl! and theres two because ones quite crappy!

Top tips-Super smash bros brawl.

The amount of good charecters on brawl is….all of them. If you like everyone and can’t choose, pick Kirby. He can float and copy others attacks so you getting abit of both.  Also Toon Link, Jigglypuff and Wolf are unlockable in mulible ways. The easyist is to go on adventure mode. But you can’t get them there intill you go to the correct level after beating the adventure mode.

There are doors and inside you will battle the charecters. You can find them:

Jigglypuff-The swamp      Toon link-The forest    Wolf- The ruins.

And everyone have a ball on brawl!

9 comments to “Brawl!”

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