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12 July, 2012 | No comments

Super Mario All Stars – 25th Anniversary Edition

Hello, I’m 8Bit, and I’m here to bring you my very first review!

We all love Mario,and in 2010, it was his big 25, so why not celebrate it with a game? Sonic was doing it this year! Well unfortunately, this one is a rerelease. And when it comes to rereleases, it’s always trial and error..And I’m here to give the test!

Let’s see if Mario can live up to this one, or not!

1. The Content

Honestly, Nintendo could actually do better than this, looking at SEGA in which they have released a time capsule game for Sonic’s 20th. The game also comes with a Soundtrack CD, which is nothing more than a few tracks of game music, and SOUNDS from the first Mario? The sounds are technically useless, seeing how it’s a little impossible to actually use them, due to them being CD Audio. Needed MP3s. The booklet is a nice including, when you’re totally bored and want to seek back into Mario’s glory years (before XBOX existed). Also, the booklet also clues us into the concept art of Mario 3 and many more. Also, how did the group at the end make that “25”? All around, the content included with the game is very nice to give us a little more worth what we paid for.


2. Packaging

The packaging is very good in this case. The velcro will somehow come off,at least mine did. The game and extras are kept in seperated cases. And I really love how the 8-Bit Mario sprite is kind of popping off the box. So the packaging is very good as in how it’s kept and how it looks.

3. Music

The game has the same music as the SNES release of All-Stars, and it sounded great in 1993, and it still does today.

4. Controls

Nintendo has added something to make this game better: Wii Remote Controls, despite the countless accidents I make over a pit in 8-2 due to the buttons being a bit too close. Although, you can also use the Gamecube Controller or the Classic Controller, I perfer use of the Wii Remote, just because it feels like an NES controller, but the more faithful way is using a Classic Controller, or getting one of these babies. Otherwise, it’s a step in the right direction.

5. The Game itself

First off, this is not the European Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World release. (Although it would’ve saved 500 or so Wii Points, plus the addition of Luigi’s new sprite set in the SMAS release of Super Mario World. Oh well.) But the game itself is the same as the SNES version of the game,so it’s the same all around.


This game looked great in 1993, and it still does now. The looks have not changed since 1993, which it has aged well.



This was for the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros, and I must say, despite the poor excuse (Honestly, they could’ve pulled a SEGA and made a whole new game. Dream on, I suppose.), It hasn’t changed much, and it’s a good game for any Classic Mario fan.

Rating: 10/10 (Just because I actually liked it, despite my disappointment)

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