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13 June, 2009 | No comments


Now, this site has been very inactive for a while… time to post!

As my friend has got a DSi, I can talk a little about it.

My Wi-fiĀ + My friends DSi

= Wi(i)n!

Now he has three more things on his menu, the DSi Browser, a paper plane game, and another one with a red bird, “Pyoro”. He also has an awesome little game which goes by the name of PiCOPiCT.

That's the Title screen...

A little of the gameplay

A little of the gameplay

PiCOPiCT… is an interesting little game which involves pixels and eliminating them. On the top screen a sprite can be seen. The pixels can be shifted by touching one and touching the space that you want it to go into. By making a box of 4 or more, they will be eliminated and that many pixels will be added to the sprite! The correct colours have to be used, or the game will go on forever :P.

Note that the two ‘i’s are lower case as opposed to the rest of the title. Probably something to do with the fact that DSi is… DSi.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post about E3 very soon! Cya later!

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