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29 July, 2008 | 4 comments


Sorry for not posting but I have been VERYBUSY!!


Got one and all the thanks goes to black dragon.

This is it:

Ok, anyone heard of pikim 3 maybey on wii!?


Top Tip: On super mari galaxy  Luigi is only playable after getting all the stars and then beating bowser.

12 July, 2008 | 6,541 comments


Wii world neeeds a good avartar and I’m on the subject now, more information will be posted later.

Anyway a few images for you all:

No, this is not some new buzz game, it’s a drum set for wii. It from the game rock band for wii!

Yep, as you can see, singing and Guitar playing are also in it! And they have a skin for it on the wii!

I think I might just get into this bit, time for me to get my nose wet.

True fake, but there will never be another mario kart game on wii, another one will likely come out in the next nintnedo materpiece!

Awww, Cute, no?

My pokemon ranch? True I do like pokemon now but this game is out on wii world and after reading the info on it, I think this game takes the aim of the game for pokemon out and burns it! You don’t catch, train or battle pokemon!

Doctor Mario and germ buster!

Great game I’ll tell you that, and it’s for wi-Fi! Woot woot for mario. Germ buster is in more brain training. (hit the last training game it;s at the bottom and it’s not unlockable by playing the game a number of times, no you have to tap it to unlock it, cool, eh?) And all this and Doctor mario is on wii ware!

Ok, images and wii ware are cleared up how about a top tip!

Top Tip!

For wii shopping channel

Free wii points? no! Yes! Well sorta! You don’t have to pay, this is what you do in steps!

First join Nintendo.com, a place that lets you enter codes you get in your box on your DS games and Wii games. You get stars for that. Now click buy wii points with stars, and join that. After you have to go and connect your wii shop channel to the nintendo channle and you can find that in options on the wii shop channel. After a few days click the link you the wii points shop again and log in. You should beable to buy wii points with stars! You get them and they give you the code, go onto the shoping channel and click redeem wii points and put in the code. Done and dusted, mind you it DOES work and I have got Super  Mario bros 2 because of it!!!

No real updates for wii but the nintendo channel is avilable. I don’t know if you have to conect your wii to the nintendo website to get it but info time!

On this channel you can watch videos of new games, about wii ware newst relieses ect. You can also find basic info on game, wright feedback and download demos for your ds!  Great fun it is, and now you can try out agame before buying it!

Thats all for now, and thank you for reading wii world!

4 July, 2008 | 9 comments


Princess Zelda/Sheik!
Toon Link!
Donkey Kong!
Diddy Kong!
Zero suit samus!
And many many more!

I’m addicted to this game! I don’t know how I managed to get off it to come online for a bit but I did.

R.O.B- What is R.O.B I don’t have the best idea but I rhought i heard he was something that you got with Nes. Someone please explain. Anyway…Spolier elert!

[spolier]He was the minster![spolier]

Big gasp from me but R.O.B is now my favorite fighter, well he is  ontop of my list!

Toon Link

Yes even if I HATE sega, I still do like Sonic and even if I didn’t like the fact he was in brawl he is  still a good fighter!

Snake is also great, with his box and bombs!


Why the heck haven’t I seen it before! Brawl is the best fighting thing ever to hit wii! I have played it none-stop for two days. It’s got class new stages! Luigi’s mansion! Green hill zone! Pirite ship (Toon-link) I can safely say, brawl is not going to get old for long time!


I almost forgot about todays top tip! You can gues what game it’s for, brawl! and theres two because ones quite crappy!

Top tips-Super smash bros brawl.

The amount of good charecters on brawl is….all of them. If you like everyone and can’t choose, pick Kirby. He can float and copy others attacks so you getting abit of both.  Also Toon Link, Jigglypuff and Wolf are unlockable in mulible ways. The easyist is to go on adventure mode. But you can’t get them there intill you go to the correct level after beating the adventure mode.

There are doors and inside you will battle the charecters. You can find them:

Jigglypuff-The swamp      Toon link-The forest    Wolf- The ruins.

And everyone have a ball on brawl!

30 June, 2008 | 2,335 comments

Another update for your wii, Action replay and colour change.

I would have posted this sooner but I was away all week-end but who cares, really? :D

Anyway, found a few more videos!


http://youtube.com/watch?v=yVAaz9vFdSo  wtf?!

http://youtube.com/watch?v=2sbU4sSlu7I&feature=related A wii Laptop!

http://youtube.com/watch?v=F8mZGDFDceU&feature=related Lego Wii!

http://youtube.com/watch?v=CkS2DJ6VX_g Another wii add, I like the picture of fire flowers on the wall!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwmzUewkU2M&feature=user Bralw! I neeeed it!


Ok, now, top tip time!

Todays Top tip/s is for….

 Lego Indiana Jones

Type the following codes for charecters on the black board!

04EM94 Barranca
CHN3YU Belloq (desert)
TDR197 Belloq (jungle)
VEO29L Belloq (priest)
8246RB Boxer
VJ5TI9 British officer
DJ5I2W British troop
B73EUA British troop commander
VJ3TT3 Captain Katanga
ENW936 Chatterlal
3NK48T Chucin
2K9RKS Colonel Dietrich
8EAL4H Colonel Vogel
C7EJ21 Dancing girl
12N68W Desert digger
2MK45O Desert enemy officer
N48SF0 Desert masked bandit
3RF6YJ Desert monkey man
4NSU7Q Desert soldier
1MK4RT Desert swordsman
3NFTU8 Donovan
JSNRT9 Dr. Schneider (desert)
VMJ5US Dr. Schneider (officer)
S93Y5R Enemy Bazookaman
MK83R7 Enemy bazookaman (different from above)
VJ48W3 Enemy butler
1MF94R Enemy communications officer
VJ7R51 Enemy guard
YR47WM Enemy guard (Nepal)
572E61 Enemy officer
B84ELP Enemy pilot
V75YSP Fedora
0GIN24 First mate
NE6THI Grail knight
H0V1SS Hovitos tribesman
VJ85OS Indiana Jones (officer)
4J8S4M Indiana Jones disguised
24PF34 Jungle guide
WMO46L Kaokan
3M29TJ Kazim (desert)
NRH23J Kazim (Venice)
2NK479 Laoche
NFK5N2 Maharaja
13NS01 Major Toht
FJUR31 Mola Ram
2NKT72 Pankot assassin
VN28RH Pankot guard
KD48TN Punjabi dignitary
4682E1 Punjabi village elder
VJ37WJ Sherpa brawler
ND762W Sherpa gunner
0E3ENW Slave child
VM683E Thuggee
CNH4RY Thuggee Chatterlal
T2R3F9 Thuggee priest
VBS7GW Thuggee slavedriver
VK93R7 Willie DJ
MEN4IP Willie pajamas
3NSLT8 Wuhan


Action replay Wii?

Crap! Can do damage to your wii! Can not use cheats on wi-fi games and you have to delete your save file to put on the hacked one! I repeate, Crap!


The DS has a  few more colours out, don’t they. But so do wii!

Don’t forget the remotes!

See, a range of colours for wii.

Now Game (and other game shops)  Decorate your wii with images of games for around £30. (uk) This, to me is crap. I mean yes it’s ok to get your remotes decorated but you never really see the wii it’s self, only when changing you game, so not really worth it, is it?

I don’t know if the price changes for a differnt colour of wii but if it’s the same that’s ok.

27 June, 2008 | 44 comments

News, videos and Top tip!

Wii would like to play

lol, it’s a funny vid. Anyway a bit of news for you all, also a top tip and Mii parade vids!

On wii Sports, go onto training and Bowling, the last level is the one were you try to put down every pin, hitting the red middle one! On the big 91 pins move your mii to the end right and then 3 steps to the left, then aim your arm to the rail. If you do it carefully the ball should roll on the rail, if it’s steady it shall get the hole way, it will fall and no pins should be knocked down..yet.

You should now here a GAINT Bang and every last pin falls! It may take a few trys but someday you should get there.


Anyway Bralw should be in the UK on the 27th and it is avilable to preorder your game in the Game shop. Can’t wait for that!

Anyway the latest Wii update download is:

The wii will now utomaticly delete all ‘Bad’ files tha can do damage to your wii. My thought is that when you download Wii Ware (In the wii shoping channel now) some companys games are a bit mucked up and when downloaded can cause damage to your wii. This is only my opinion and might not be the reall isue.

The update also lets you move a mii to the mii parade by dragging that mii to the prarade button.

This is wicked!


6,000 miis! on one parade?!

But you havn’t seen nothing! 10,000 miis


Yup! You better believe it, Guys!

Hmm, Mario baseball game for wii? Sounds great but will it come? We will just have to wait and see won’t wii? It would be fun wouldn’t it? I mean BaseBall on Wii sports was Fantastic to me and I do Love mario, so It would be great fun.

Hey, back to the miis check this out.


Wii Fit is rather fun, and if you want to see the advart in full


Thats all for now.

Coments and questions on this is A-OK

27 June, 2008 | 61 comments

The Start of Wii World

This is it! The start of Wii World. First of all let me thank you for visiting this site, and I really couldn’t have done it without Timby. So Thank you Timby for your help! This wouldn’t be possible without you. Anyway I would like to make a start so:



27 June, 2008 | 6,377 comments

Welcome to Mario-Man’s Wii Blog

Mario Man will be writing about the Nintendo Wii! Games, tips, whatever he feels he can write about!

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