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Tired of the regular SMB2 whackyness? Maybe it’s game genie time! From the classic Princess Toadstool infinite float, to some of the more obscure fan discovered Game Genie codes, we do our best to break Super Mario Bros 2 on the NES! It’s fun, I think…

Hacking Super Mario Bros 2


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Our friends over at have sent us over this fantastic Mario article for your amusement! What a bunch of legends! Check out these awesome and awesomely rare Mario Merchandise pieces and then don’t forget to check out their site and youtube too! (more…)

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I already know you are a Mario fan, but how about Ghostbusters?

James Farr sent me an email today sharing his incredible new animation that mashes together Super Mario Bros and the classic Ghostbusters! As James says on his site “This needed to exist” haha.

Check out the sneaky Mario subtleties after the jump in this 3:30 long cartoon…the music…the items…the Marioness…if this isn’t worthy of Mario Mayhem I don’t know what is!

This vid features details from all kinds of games including Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Super Mario World, Mario Party, Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Yoshi’s Island, Super Smash Bros., and even Sonic The Hedgehog makes an appearance!

I hear there might be a sequel brewing too…



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I bet that was a headline you never expected to read! This is an awesomely gruesome masterpiece that, thanks once again to Drew, I am able to share with you today! This small statue would make a magnificent addition to any office or home and is a cool thing for Mario or Zombie fans alike!

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