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Where would Mario be if there was no Nintendo console for him to appear on? Today we pay tribute to the humble console. From chaotic hand held goodness to full on home entertainment systems, join us as we take a journey through 10 of the top selling Nintendo Consoles and their top selling game!

rotate mario

Video countdown too!


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The times, they are a changing! What the heck happened? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was busting out Super Mario 6 Golden coins on the Gameboy? Now it seems like every house wife is busy playing some addictive game on their brand new shiny mobile phone. (more…)

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I have seen bits and pieces of this ad put together in animated gif’s but I never actually knew it was a DS advertisement! In my eyes this just makes it all the more cool I think.

Thanks to Shadow for finally finding me a usable copy to share with everyone! Enjoy this classic Super Mario Kart DS Japanese advertisement!

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