Month of October 2018 celebrates an important milestone for what’s widely been described as one of the greatest Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game ever – Super Mario Bros. 3.

Initially released in 1985 as the first side-scrolling 2D game featuring the moustached hero, Super Mario Bros. series achieved its widespread glory three years later, starting from 23rd October when Super Mario Bros. 3 took the stage.

Super Mario Bros. 3 was the absolute peak of modern technology back in the 1980s and no other came close to comparing. From the first moment curtain raised on the third instalment of the popular NES game it was momentarily clear that it was going to be a huge hit with its world map and flying abilities.

Modern-day gamers belonging to the latest generations of tech junkies feeding off of augmented reality and virtual reality innovations will turn you into a laughing stock for your Super Mario affection but don’t let them throw you off your game. They simply don’t get it.

With a legacy that formed an entire generation of gamers, Super Mario is still pushing hard with his head – and the hat – held high. The total of 20 Super Mario titles in 30 years of his majesty Super Mario Bros. 3’s existence can hardly come close to comparing to the one and only icon.

Nintendo is doing its best to keep up with the technologically advanced gaming options gamers have at their disposal today.

The heart-warming fact remains, however, that the original Super Mario is still remembered and honoured across the gaming vertical. We were pleasantly surprised to see that even the online gaming niche has paid a tribute to Super Mario in a brilliant video found in this article here on Best Casinos describing the effects and implications gamification continues to have on online casino slot games. This piece presents our hero as bedrock of gaming which goes through an unassuming transformation in years that come following the introduction of 8-bit games.

Irrespective of gaming trends that can’t be predicted or envisioned, we find it comforting that Super Mario legacy is respected across the gaming industry. The future is Super Mario’s to embrace and with 30 strong years under his belt, the Bros. 3 hero can be proud of his successors.

It is the 2017 game Super Mario Odyssey which marked a return to the open-world ‘sandbox’ 3D style of gaming. It is the latest edition of Nintendo’s flagship brand which – in a timely twist to the plot – has been given a ghastly new skin in time for the 2018 Halloween. The Nintendo Switch platformer has been given an update that now allows you to dress up Mario as one of the undead, with a zombie costume which includes ripped clothes and an axe in a white-eyed Mario’s head. If that’s your cup of tea, knock yourselves out.

There is hardly a better way to round off a birthday tribute than to make a wish to our birthday boy. Super Mario Bros. 3 fans should be enthusiastically optimistic about what lays ahead. Nintendo switch port of New Super Mario Bros. U has been announced earlier in September and we’re excited to see what the new Deluxe title will bring forth.

Scheduled for general release on 11 January 2019, this port is expected to include three new modes with an increased level of competition inside every session and an extra notch of difficulty for seasoned players.

We simply can’t wait!

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