It is always great fun when we hear a great story about a casino. There are often different ones going around such as someone playing in online casinos for the very first time and winning a fortune and it makes everyone think that they would love to play and have this awesome experience as well. They then go and look for the first bonus casino that they can find and have a go to see whether they can be lucky. The truth is that some people do win, some win big and some win small, but there will always be winners. However, there will always be those that are not so lucky as well and you hear stories about those people too. Those that lose a great deal of money, more than many people could ever even imagine owning. Usually though, in a casino people will lose a small amount and win a small amount and almost always spend more than they win. If they have fun though, they probably feel that it was worth it.

These tales can help you to be a better gambler though. For example knowing that it was possible for someone to lose $127 million gambling, will help people to understand that gambling can become very addictive. There is a thought in people’s heads that when they are on a losing streak, odds are that they will have a big win eventually. Unfortunately this does not often happen and win are usually small and will not pay back what has been spent. It is no fun playing a losing a lot of money either, so it is wise to play small and enjoy yourself. The seemingly impossible lucky streaks and huge wins can be things which make us feel that we want to play though. The dream of being that person that wins huge amounts of money can keep us playing and playing. The tale of a baby sitter who won $2.4 million on her first trip to Las Vegas on a $16 bet makes everyone think that winning a fortune is possible. There is a great thrill to winning, even a small amount but it is worth working hard to make sure that you do not get carried away. The tales of people who sell everything and then place all that money behind one bet are also rather interesting. In 2004 a professional gambler, Ashley Revell sold everything and gambled all the money on one roulette wheel spin. He bet over $135,000 on red, which was almost a 50/50 chance and doubled his money. Sensibly he then tipped the dealer and left. That is a sign of a good professional gambler, who knows when to quit!


Online casino stories tend to be more along the lines of children or pets helping their owners to win somehow. These are great fun, but they just show how much winning is down to luck, as if there was some skill then it would need an adult to be able to win. Obviously this would depend on the game, with slots or bingo just being fun, but poker being rather more tactical and skilful. The rise in popularity of poker, particular among intelligent celebrities goes to prove this. They want to play to show that they have skills beyond those that people know them for and most people know that poker is a very skilled game. So many people do not even know how to play and others have difficulty with keeping a poker face or making good decisions during game play. Finding out more about the game, practicing in free casino games and observing how others play can be great ways to improve your skills.


Weird bets can be interesting as well. Some people tend to make bets with their friends all of the time on things they reckon they could not do. Some examples would be betting a vegetarian they couldn’t eat a burger or betting a person they couldn’t live in a certain location. Often friends will do this with no money at stake but there have been some cases where real bets have been place such as someone betting their friend $10,000 they wouldn’t eat olives which they detested and they did it. John Hennigan, who is a high stakes gambler was bet $100,000 that he couldn’t live in Des Moines, Iowa which is known as a boring place. He is well known for enjoying the nightlife in Las Vegas and in the end lost the bet after only two days.


Personal stories can be some of the best. Personally being asked for ID in Las Vegas when I was 25 made my holiday there! Also watching an old lady win a significant amount on a slot machine was rather lovely. Seeing a group of young men driving around the streets in a limo, standing up through the sun roof and yelling with joy as they had won a significant amount of money, was also great fun.

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