The sheer mention of the name Mario is often enough to send shivers up the spine of both casual and hardcore gamers. Since the portly Italian broke onto the gaming scene in Donkey Kong back in 1981, Mario has captured the imagination of gamers all around the world and will continue to do so in up upcoming titles such as Super Mario Party and the hotly anticipated Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which is slated for release on the 7th December later this year. With Mario’s continued popularity and the recent growth experienced by the online casino industry, is it time that we got a Mario-themed online slot game to complement the wide variety of video games relating to our favorite plumber?

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Do We Really Need a Mario Slot Machine?

When it comes to themed online slot games, the general rule is that those with the most easily identifiable characters and themes tend to do the best in the online casino realm – when it comes to slot machines that men like, for example, The Walking Dead and Family Guy have enjoyed a lot of success due to the popularity of their TV show counterparts. For this reason, Mario is an ideal choice for an online slot, owing to the plethora of characters and angles featured in the franchise for the last 30 years or so. What’s more, the landscapes that Mario and friends operate in are colorful and vast, which are ideal when it comes to trying to catch the eye of potential online casino players.

Video Game Characters Have Excelled In The Online Slot Industry

Iconic video game characters such as Hitman and Lara Croft already have their own themed slot games and so there’s no reason why our favorite Italian plumber shouldn’t have one, especially since Mario has topped a number of polls when it comes to being the most famous video game character of all time. In addition to this, the release of the aforementioned titles Super Mario Party and Super Smash Bros Ultimate has reignited the nation’s Mario fever and this would undoubtedly carry through to a themed online slot game where customers can control their favorite character from the Nintendo universe.

We Already Have An Idea of What An Online Mario Slot Could Look Like

Most Nintendo aficionados will probably be aware that, in Super Mario 64 DS, one of Luigi’s mini-games features a Super Mario slot game – the game has three spinning wheels that are activated when the player enters one of the in-game coins into the machine. As slot machines go, the game is relatively simple and everything you would expect from a video game version of a slot. However, with super mushroom and Yoshi egg symbols accompanied by a lovely little soundtrack, t’s still an extremely playable little mini-game and there are numerous chances to win coins which will help you in your quest throughout the main game.

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Nintendo Are Currently Missing a Trick

Other gaming giants such as SEGA and Konami are already dabbling in the online slots world with a great deal of success – SEGA now have an app for Android and iOS which includes games such as Golden Axe, Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Monkey Ball while Konami launched Konami Gaming back in 1997, creating games such as Golden Wolves and Fortune Stacks with the sole purpose of catering for the online casino market. Out of the three companies, it’s fair to say that Nintendo are currently the most active and so a foray into the online slots market could prove lucrative if executed properly.

So…Are We Going To Get a Mario Slot Game?

As of right now, there’s no official confirmation from Nintendo with regards to any of their characters making the leap from the console to online casino. However, with titles such as Golden Nuggets Casino for the DS and Casino Kid, it does seem that Nintendo would be open to the idea of dipping their toes into the online gambling industry.

Of course, Mario would be the ideal choice when it comes to an online slot, owing to the fact that he is their flagship character and is instantly recognizable all around the world. However, there is plenty of scope for Nintendo to maneuver on this front and the inclusion of other characters such as Luigi, Toad and Donkey Kong could also prove to be a masterstroke if the company decides to develop an online slot. For now, it looks like Nintendo are content with operating within the console arena but keep your eyes peeled because you never know what’s around the corner.

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