Mario and Luigi's Life 1: Mario and Luigi's Hard Adventure (Part 1)

Mario and Luigi's Life 1: Mario and Luigi's Hard Adventure (Part 1)

Author: theinvisiblehotdog
Post Date: Jul 15, 2013, 10:51 am
Category: Mario Related
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Mario and Luigi were on the couch, eating Star Chips. Their favorite show, Mushroom Madness, was on. Suddenly, a news flash came on. "Breaking news! Bowser stole Princess Peach! Someone must get them back now!" said the newsman. Mario and Luigi tried to stand up, but they were on the couch for so long that they got stuck! Mario grabbed a shovel and scraped his overalls off of the couch, and then he walked away. "Hey! You forgot me!" yelled Luigi. Mario came over to him and scraped off his overalls, too. They walked down the street and ran into stop signs, like the dummies that they are. Then they went up a hill, around the gift shop, through a hole, down a sewage pipe, up the sewage pipe again, in a rocket to the first level and then they stopped. "Good thing i kept my spare rollerskates." Luigi said. A goomba came up to Mario and tapped him. Mario turned around and kicked him. "Ow! You're gonna get it!" said the goomba. Mario smashed the goomba with his foot. Luigi then hit a question block. A red mushroom came out. "Mmm... mushroom..." Luigi groaned hungrily, then ate the mushroom. He grew taller. "Mario, i could smash you right now!" Luigi stated. "Don't!" Mario said. Toad came up to Luigi and said "Hello!" nicely. Luigi gave him the evil eye and squashed him.



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