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New Cartoon Pilot
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New Cartoon Pilot
Hello, I am new to your forum but not to Mario. anyways i dont know where i should have posted this so ill just post it here, its a pilot script to a Mario cartoon or very least a sprite flash. anyways tell me what you think.

Mario and Luigi Legends

Episode 1:
A Smorg Problem

It’s another peaceful day in the mushroom kingdom, however the evil King Bowser has terrible plans for the Mario Bros

Scene: Bowser’s Castle, Night

Bowser: Darn it, Those Brothers get me so mad! How can I make it difficult for them, I know I’ll kidnap the princess and hold her hostage in my castle, Ha ha ha.

Bowser Jr.: Papa, you keep using the same tactics against the Mario Bros I say we employ some help. There is a great Monster Shopping Network known as DSE Darkstar Enterprises. Very Scary Monsters for low; low prices were talking pennies on the dollar what you pay your current troupes.

Bowser: Some cheep effective labor huh, Yes it’s brilliant ill go and buy a monster and have it attack Toad Town yes ha ha ha ha. Junior Get them on the phone. (Jr. pulls a lever and a big screen TV and a teleport pod appear, a man in the shadows appears on screen)

Man: Welcome to DSE the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdom source for monsters. And who is that’s calling.

Bowser: King Bowser; Overlord of all evil.

Man: Bowser? We were wondering when you’d grace us with your presence so may I assume you are interested in a monster.

Bowser: Yes I want something big and strong to wipe out those Mario brothers.

Man: Well we have a special a monster so nasty no one can handle its power today only 5 Gold Coins. What do you say?

Bowser: Sounds fair. (Bowser puts 5 coins on the Teleport pod and it gets zapped away)

Man: Payment received and here you go. (The pod activates again a bunch of electricity is being fired when the smoke cleared a small smoke creature is standing there)

Bowser: WHAT IS THAT!!! That is not big and it certainty not strong looking. You jip.

Man: Now, now Bowser it is a smorg and smorgs may not be strong by it self but once it multiplies there will be now stopping it.

Bowser: How does it multiply?

Man: Well it requires pollution, such as smoke, dirt or gas. Now then thanks for contributing to DSE we hope to see you again real soon. (The man logs off)

Bowser: Well the lets begin the fun, come Junior.

Scene: Toad Town.

(Bowser is in his clown copter)
Bowser: Where is there a good place for this?

Jr.: There. Papa, throw it in the sewer. (Bowser throws it in the sewer)

Bowser: Now lets see how things unfold. (Bowser Hides)

Scene: Toad Town Sewer

(The Smorg is wondering alone until it finds a bag the bag wreaks the Smorg goes nuts and a second smorg falls out, it continues on multiplying then I finds a warp pipe and enters into Toad Town.)

Scene; Mario’s House
(Luigi is mowing the lawn)

Luigi: There! All done. (A single smorg arises from the pipe; soon as it touches the grass there area it was standing on turns brown) Whaaaa, no my lawn get out of here you, (Luigi takes a hammer and chases after it, but It jumps around killing more grass.) Why you little, (Luigi Finally gets him, but the lawn is completely brown and dead.) Well at least I don’t have any weeds. (Then giant Thistle Plants and Dandelions appear then Luigi starts crying. All over town the smorgs are wreaking havoc killing all form of vegetation, Just then Mario and Peach return from there walk.)

Peach: Mario what are these things?

Mario: Oh no it’s the Smorg but how did they get here? (The Smorgs herd Mario’s voice and went ballistic they gathered together to create Smorg Lord)

Smorg Lord: MARIO!!!! (It thrashed its tenancies around attempting to hurt Mario, however he dodge the attacks one by one he took out his hammer and tried to attack but it did no good, it grabbed peach and absorbed her.

Mario: Oh no it got the princess. You’ll pay for that. (Just then Luigi came up with F.L.U.D.D. and the poltergust 3000.)

Luigi: Here take FLUDD. Professor Egad said to defeat it we simply got to clean up.

Mario: Perfect. (Mario sprayed Lord Smorg with FLUDD. Lord Smorg did not like it one bit it was weakening him by removing all the dirt. Smorg Lord was nothing more then a cloud monster harmless, however Smorg Lord wasn’t done yet, He fled to find more pollution meanwhile Wario and Waluigi were just walking into Toad Town.

Wario: Those were some good Burritos.

Waluigi: You know what terrible gas it gives you. (Smorg Lord snuck up behind them, just then Wario let off some violent gas. Smorg Lord took it all in making him 100 times more powerful becoming the Smorg Overlord)
Wario: (He looks behind him and see the Smorg Overlord) Oh god what was in those burritos. (The Smorg Overlord grabbed the two Wario Bros. And absorbed them too. Mario and Luigi ran over to it. Bowser with Bowser Jr. no longer containing his excitement raced over to the brothers to gloat)
Bowser: Ha ha ha, You Mario Brothers are doomed there is no way you can beat the smorgs now they are too powerful. Now get them Smorgs. (The Smorg Overlord did nothing.) Huh? Weren’t you listening? I said get them!
Smorg: You are too weak to be my master if you cant handle two clothed plumbers then you are weak be gone from my site. (Bowser stood there in shock)
Bowser Jr.: How dare you speak to papa like that take this. (Bowser Jr. Shot out a hot fireball towards the Smorg Overlord it hit causing it great pain, but it grabbed Bowser Jr. and threw him into a wall knocking him out cold.)
Bowser: Junior! You monster! (Bowser readied his fire breath, but Princess Peach appeared from the Smorgs chest.)
Smorg: If you get me with that you will burn your precious Princess Peach.
Bowser: You sick monster. Mario you have to get Peach out of there.
Mario: Yes but how it’s too much dirt even for FLUDD.
FLUDD: Mario, I can stop the smorg with my new hydro cannon it we just need a lot of water like a fountain.
Mario: All right. (Mario ran to Town Square’s fountain.)
FLUDD: Commencing transformation (FLUDD Changed into a cannon.) Ready to fire.
Mario: Fire! (FLUDD launched a large stream of water towards Smorg Overlord It clean the area Peach was in. Mario hopped in the cannon a launches himself to grab peach from the Smorg) Bowser! Luigi! Do it now!
Luigi: Right! Flame thrower mode. (The Poltergust 3000 changed into a flame thrower, and fired it a The Smorg overlord)
Bowser: No time like the present! (Bowser launched a hot red flame)
Smorg: No! Impossible. (It was engulfed in flames then it was destroyed, it dropped something.)
Bowser Jr.: Oh man did that hurt.
Bowser: Junior! (Bowser ran over to his son and gave him a big hug) Junior, what do you say we kidnap the princess?
Bowser Jr.: Sounds great papa! (Just then Mario aim the Hydro Cannon at Bowser and fired it. The force of the water launched both of them in the sky.)
Bowser: Foiled again. (Bower yelled while flying in the air. They disappeared with a shine of light.)
Mario: Yahoo! We did it.
Luigi: Luigi number one!
Peach: What happened to Wario and Waluigi? (Just then the two-trouble making brothers fell out of the sky in front of them blackened from the fire.)
Wario: Wow those burritos were awesome.
Waluigi: Oh come on! (Everyone but Waluigi starting laughing. The screen blacks out that closes in on Waluigi.) I hate this place!
(The scene reopens at a volcano where Bowser and Bowser Jr. sit.)
Bowser: Well Junior seems we failed again.
Jr.: Don’t worry papa we’ll get that Mario yet.
Bowser: Well put son. (Just then a single smorg appeared) and as for you… (Bowser grabs the smorg and it starts to squeal, Bowser threw the smorg into the smoking volcano)
Jr.: Papa that wasn’t a very good idea.
Bowser: Whys that? (Smorg Lord rose up behind him. Bowser looks behind him) Crud!
End of Episode.
10-01-2007 04:59 AM
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RE: New Cartoon Pilot

Emulators are for the non collectors

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10-01-2007 07:56 AM
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RE: New Cartoon Pilot
Very cool! This is what we would classify as a fan fiction, or fan art. Some great work though mate, maybe you can collaborate with someone that knows flash and get it made into a cartoon??

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10-01-2007 11:49 PM
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RE: New Cartoon Pilot
Different. (Those burritos were awesome!) Big Grin
10-02-2007 10:11 AM
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