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my new mario story
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Smilie_v2_Bowser my new mario story
Toad ok this is my new idea for my NEW mario story and my mario character WICH NINTENDO DOES NOT OWN lord of the darkness is back here is the preview

lord of the darkness strikes again

it was just a normall day in the mushroom kingdom peach and daisy were safe no bowser for a strange reason but at bowser castle......HOW COULD YOU FAIL ME?!? YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST shouted bowser at lord of the darkness easy their im going to win this time trust me said lord of the dark and youre gonna help me he said [we no from my last story the dark lord is a evil arora that can transform into anything] the lord jumped into bowsers body and took controll of him and he said BWHAHAHA NOW I CANNOT LOSE! so he hurried to marios house and rammed the door in and took mario! opend a portal to his world and locked mario up if you thought that was bad he ‛‛borrowed'' bowsers minions back at marios house... luigi had daisy over daisy im worried mario isnt anywhere im scared too weegie just then it hit him it was bowser so they hurried to bowser castle none was there then it has to be lord of the darkness WILL LUIGI AND DAISY FIND MARIO AND SAVE HIM FIND OUT IN MY NEW STORY

u like it?
08-11-2011 12:56 PM
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