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pokemon blue, red & yellow. Catchin Mew
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pokemon blue, red & yellow. Catchin Mew
did anyone ever try this?
More Rumors! (taken from someones old angelfire page; ignore the bad spelling and grammar!


1.Have all 151 Pokemon.
2.Beat the Elite 4 three times and not getting hit.
3.Go talk to the 7 gyms leaders
4.Go talk to Prof. Oak and he will fight you with his last pokemon in full evolved form at
Level 100. When you beat him, he will give you a Houou.

You have to find the guy's glasses which could be anywhere in the game. They are most likley to be in the Silfh Co. or the rocket Game Corner hideout. Use the item finder to find the glasses. When u find the glasses you have to find the guy who could be any where but he is probably in Saffron or Celadon City. Give him the glasses and he will fly you to the Pokegod Island. There is only 1 pc there and you have to fight to get there. Next to the pc is a guy that you trade with to get Mewthree.
Secret Pokemon

In Rock Tunnel, do not use Flash and head up and left. If you get to the right place, you will be attacked. This Pokemon will come in the form of Onix, Geodude, or Zubat, but wil use moves like Fog, Transform, Haze, and Ghost. It has a level of 82, so be careful. This only appears once.
How To Get Pikabud

Have 150 Pokemon and go to the girl who wants a Pikachu, u must have 10 level 100 pikachu's, 4 in your PC and 6 with you. Talk to her and she will trade you a Pikabud for a Pikachu!!!!
How To Get Crysallis

You must have all 150 Pokemon. Have 6 level 100 Kakuna in your active list, fight every trainer in the game. Then go to Viridian Forest, fight a Weedle and Caterpie. Then Fly to Pewter city brock will give you a crysallis.
How To Get Pikish

First put an Oddish at the top of your active list.evolve it in to a gloom capture 50 more pokemon that you don't have buy a leaf stone use it on gloom now you can use a thunder stone on Vilegloom he will evolve in to a Pikish!!!!
How To Get Slasheon

To get Slasheon, use a moon stone on Sandslash. To do this, you have to have 150 pokemon.
How To Get Venustoise

Get all 150 or 151 Pokemon. Beat the elite 4 ten times in a row. Now fight a wild pokemon, do that again 40 more times. Kill each one of them, now catch a mew (Gameshark Code 0115D8CF) fight another mew and catch it with a pokeball. Dont use any other ball or the code wont work. Go to professer oak he will give you his book. Go in Bills House and throw the book at the transporter or what ever it is. It will blow up now go behind there walk all the way back until you find a pokeball. It contains Venustoise.
How To Get Titon

Grow a Magikarp to level 100. Do not let him evolve into Garados. When he is lv. 100, make him fight a Mewtwo and win.
How To Get NidoGod

To get NidoGod trade a Nidoking 40 times it will get 100x more experience than before.get it to level 240 now catch 40 Rattata and it will evolve!!!!Then talk to that team rocket guy near the pokecenter at Celadon city he will give u 99 mist and ice stones which you can evolve ANY pokemon with!!!!!!!!!!
How To Get Altanes

An evolve form of mewtwo. You have to go and beat the game with 150 pokemon and never lose a fight through out the whole game. Then go to the Unknown Dungon and go were mewtwo is then save and use escape rope to get out. Surf on the Seafoam Islands and catch a missingno go talk to gary's sister 20 times and go back where mewtwo is and then fight him and as you see it won't be mewtwo it will be a evolve form of mewtwo and check the name, it is Altanes.

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RE: pokemon blue, red & yellow. Catchin Mew
I tried all the secret ways to get Mew, the only way that i know of to get him his through gameshark and thats how i did it all those years ago
05-06-2011 02:47 AM
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