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Long forgotten Nintendo Things
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Long forgotten Nintendo Things
Ever wonder what a U-Force is? Do you know what a 64DD was meant to be? If not, I've collaborated a couple videos and encyclopedia links to slake your desire for obscure Nintendo factoids.

Here's a video about some old gaming peripherals:
(Contains a large amount of swearing, but it shows some old devices in action)

Another one from the same guy talking about the Nintendo Power Glove:
(More swearing, but once again, it shows the Power Glove in use)

You can't forget R.O.B., the robotic peripheral:

Nintendo's first hand-held game series, the Game and Watch:

Did you know that Nintendo has been using online capabilities since the Super Nintendo? :

Check out this Japan-only peripheral for the Nintendo 64:

Here are some consoles which are joint efforts between Nintendo and other electronic developers:

Finally, a console many people forget about, the Virtual Boy:

Phew.... Mind you, I've left quite a few peripherals and console permutations out of this collaborated list of articles, but most not mentioned are better known, (such as the Gameboy Printer). I hope that someone out there will use this for reference! Tongue
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07-06-2008 05:31 AM
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RE: Long forgotten Nintendo Things
I never will forget R.O.B!!! And who doesn't like moving a trampoline for babies to land on from jumping from a burning buliding! Or catching water drops in cups?! Mr Game and watch was class!

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07-07-2008 01:07 AM
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