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Zoonos Culture
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Zoonos Culture
I've neglected this for quite some time o3o. I will probably be adding more.
Holidays :D

New Years (First day of year)
The Zoonos celebrate this day, too. Same as humans. Get wasted, forget who you were sleeping with that night, etc. This day plus three days after it is taken off.

Emperors' Week (Third month, second week)
This holiday is dedicated to the long line of Orentanian emperors. It is one of the longest holidays of the year. One of the best, too. No school or work for a week :D

Energy Day (Third month, second to last day)
This holiday is for saving energy and money. Where everybody on the planet uses only 4 hours worth of energy.

Dead Day (Fourth month, first day of third week)
This is more of a religious holiday where the day is taken off to head to the nearest dencka (Zoonos church) and pray for the dead. The first hours are quiet to make sure "the darkness doesn't find you" (because it is believed that when they pray, the dead enter the world, along with the darkness, after some time, the darkness retreats back into the dead world). After noon, a festival is held, where the living celebrate the saving of the dead. At the last hour, the dead enter their world again.

Sheys's Birthday (Sixth month, seventeenth day)
This is important because when it is the emperor's birthday, a large feast is held. Prayers are said (Except during the reign of Sheys, Sheys is atheist), and the emperor is honored

Victory Week (Seventh month, third week)
Victory Week is the week where Orentine won not one, not two, but three wars near the end of the War of Unity, where every country fought to bring together the world. Their country would be the capital of the planet. Unfortunately, the kings and presidents were greedy at that time.

Race Month (Eighth month)
This month is reserved for a large race across the entire planet. It is done in vehicles (Still a long ride, Barkas is the size of Neptune). Sadly, you still attend school and work during this month.

Ankharr Henven Day (Tenth month, Thirtieth day)
Ankharr Henven discovered Orentine and named it after one of the Xenen (country south of Orentine) goddesses. The day is taken off.

And then the cycle repeats.

Books, Stories, and Plays

The Two Brothers (Book)
Ancient book written in 1974 (Barkas years, 2005 on Earth) about two brothers, both are princes (not prinCESS). One was selfless, the other, foolhardy and selfish, monster terrorizing and eating fishermen at a fishing town. Selfish goes to fight it, gets eaten for thinking that since he was a prince, the beast would obey his commands. Selfless one fights it, wins, and is next in line to the throne.

[Image: niBsV.gif]

As I'm probably dead to the community, the place I've been hanging out on is right here
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