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o_o -_- o_o -_- o_o *Explodes Into Flames and Burns World Down*
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RE: o_o -_- o_o -_- o_o *Explodes Into Flames and Burns World Down*
What's the difference between a place and a PM? It has the same content, so the rules still apply. If they had a rule that said you couldn't SAY death threats, would someone still not be banned for having one in a place? And the mods can ban you for no good reason. It's in the rules.

ROBLOX rules Wrote:Terms and Conditions:
6. Remember, this is a free website and we reserve the right to prohibit the use of the site to any user at any time.

1. This is NOT a complete list. Saying "It's not on the rules" is not an excuse; all moderators are to be given respect and listened to. If they warn you about something they're keeping you from being banned.

2. IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT OR CONCERN ABOUT A MODERATION ACTION ON YOUR ACCOUNT, PM A MOD. Do not post about it here. Do not ask about other peoples' bans or warnings - that's none of your business.

27. "Because the mod said so" is always the winning argument to any discussion about the rules. Always.

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