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Your Favorites and your least favorites of Mario!
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RE: Your Favorites and your least favorites of Mario!
1.) Your favorite Mario good character?

2.) Your favorite Mario evil character?
Black Shy-Guys

3.) Your favorite Mario Kart from all the games?
Double Dash!

4.) Your favorite Koopa?
Uhh... Iggy, Roy, and Larry Koopa for Super Mario World. (Couldn't pick just one XD)

5.) Your favorite Mario Game?
Paper Mario (The original N64 one).

6.) Your favorite Toad?
The one with the blue mushroom top and glasses in Super Mario Galaxy.

7.) Your favorite Princess?
I hate them all. Tongue (Peach)

8.) Your favorite Koopaling?
The good-old blue-shelled koopa.

9.) Your favorite Item?

10.) Your favorite World?
Bianco Hills (From Super Mario Sunshine)

11.) Your least favorite Mario good character?
Game-Guy (I lost far too many a coin in Mario Party to him.)

12.) Your least favorite Mario evil character?
Bowser Jr. (Sorry!)

13.) Your least favorite Mario Kart from all the games?
Mario Kart for the SNES

14.) Your least favorite Koopa?
Wendy O. Koopa from Super Mario World

15.) Your least favorite Mario Game?
Hotel Mario

16.) Your least favorite Toad?
Don't have one, they're all ok. Tongue

17.) Your least favorite Princess?

18.) Your least favorite Koopaling?
Birdo (if she counts as a Koopaling)

If not; those un-kill-able black-shelled enemies from the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES

19.) Your least favorite Item?
Poisonous Mushroom

20.) Your least favorite World?
Tall, Tall Mountain from Super Mario 64
07-24-2008 06:21 AM
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