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Homebrew Channel
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btw i'm a grill ;)

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RE: Homebrew Channel
(07-04-2009 01:01 PM)Metal Man Wrote:  Well, as long as you don't cheat in Mario Kart, I'm cool with it. Wink

I don't Tongue I can't imagine how it would feel if a hacker made your VR/BR drop by 200-1000 points ;-; The way I see it is
There are Good Hackers, and Bad Hackers..
The Good Hackers, (Me) Hack mainly to just get more enjoyment out of the game, or find out more about it, (Beta stuff) and share it with everyone

The bad Hackers (n00bs) hack to screw up other people's games and or Game stats. Be alert for Bad Hackers, and try to avoid them...and stuff Tongue
I've ran out of stuff to I'll probably post some "Textures" later Tongue

[Image: Yourbody_zps13bf9829.png]
07-04-2009 01:07 PM
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