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Short Break - Black Dragon - 03-31-2009 04:53 AM

I'm gonna take a short break from MM...just for a few weeks, maybe less. My interests have just been in other websites the past few days, and I'm a bit out of whack from the forum change...Need a little time to get it all back together Smile. I'll also be taking this time to write a bit on my story...I just haven't had time to do any of it and I'm dying to write a chapter or two. So anyways, see you whenever. I might pop up every now and then just to check in on things. I'll still continue to read threads and what-not, just not get involved.

Cya soon,
Black Dragon~

RE: Short Break - Irish_27 - 03-31-2009 10:52 AM

Cya BD...come back soon..

RE: Short Break - Pocket Rocket - 03-31-2009 10:53 AM

hope u can come back asap

RE: Short Break - Nivlac - 03-31-2009 04:48 PM

Have a great time BD! Not that you can if you're not here XD.

Lol I'm the last Mod standing...

RE: Short Break - Pocket Rocket - 03-31-2009 05:26 PM

except for irish

RE: Short Break - Yoshi - 03-31-2009 06:18 PM

hes not really a mod he's the game moderator so yea...

see ya soon black dragon

RE: Short Break - Irish_27 - 03-31-2009 07:18 PM

Im not a Mod but yeh where did Me_Just_In go???

RE: Short Break - Timby - 03-31-2009 07:49 PM

He is busy with work and school at the moment. Keep out of mischief BD Wink

RE: Short Break - Shadow - 03-31-2009 07:53 PM

Take care BD xo

RE: Short Break - Pocket Rocket - 03-31-2009 07:54 PM