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Pokemon-fan girls - Neko - 04-23-2014 12:24 AM

Sorry for the bad quality, but the scanner stopped working and I was forced to use the laptop's not-so-good webcam.

Anyway, here are a two drawings of girls that are not posing or cosplaying Pokemon, but just wearing clothes that refer to a specific Pokemon's colours, ears, etc. I will soon submit more and even more if you like them, so please post what you think!

And btw, they are not a mirror of the skills I have, since I made them many months ago.

Marill-fan Girl:
[Image: 23idq8j.jpg]

Drifloon-fan Girl:
[Image: i1emg9.jpg]

Shinx-fan Girl:
[Image: 104m7ls.jpg]

Munna-fan Girl:
[Image: 15i3iio.jpg]

Weezing-fan Girl:
[Image: 2q3oscl.jpg]