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Satellaview - Wario - 08-23-2013 02:17 PM

The Satellaview was Nintendo's first ever attempt at internet connectivity/downloadable content. It was an extension for the SNES that essentially acted as a modem so the SNES could pick up a satellite signal and download the games while they were being streamed. It required a lot of extra equipment to make it work and ended up being very expensive for the entire set, which prevented it from ever leaving Japan before they had moved on to other projects (like the N64) --- Because of these reasons and the fact that you could only download the games at a certain time of day while they were being streamed, this equipment is very expensive and it's incredibly rare to find a BSX cartridge with games.

Still, I'm curious if anyone here owns this stuff or has played the games. You can find ROMS for them, even though they are all in Japanese aside from the hard to find English translation hacks. Most of the games are just minigMes based on big SNES titles like SMW and ALTTP, but some are entirely new games like one I mentioned before - BS Mario Excite bike, which would have been a great extension to the ezcitebike series if it wver made it here.