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'Mariology' - thoughts on Mario Galaxy - KoopaKrazy85 - 04-16-2012 09:58 PM

I thought up this a while back, and figured I'd copy/paste from my deviantart journal onto here in case anybody's interested - damn, I really had to rip off Dr. Who on this one XD
[spoiler=Really long]
Sure, the first one mostly made sense, standalone, but of course Galaxy 2 had to come along and destroy that! If it's set in a parallel world, then the game would be non-canon to the main series... so how can we fix that? I think I found a way.

It was the Doctor Who episode called 'The Big Bang' that sparked me on this. For those who don't know, this episode is the one in which the Doctor 'rebooted' the universe, restoring it to what it should be... however due to his self-sacrifice, it turned out to be a universe without said Doctor. In order to reboot the universe, he had to use the Pandorica's 'genetic code for the universe' and spread it to every point in time and space simultaneously... he did this by using the exploding TARDIS, which was exploding in - you guessed it - every point in time and space.

Consider that, at the end of Galaxy 1, when the Galaxy Reactor was destroyed and caused some kind of black hole... the power of the Luma appeared to have made that a wormhole, and either the Luma, Rosalina, the Comet Observatory (or a mixture thereof) had the power to generate a new 'Galaxy' (it's a new universe, I don't care what Mario said... he's an idiot when it comes to science XD). If that's the case, then when the universe was restored, all was as it was, except the event of Mario Galaxy 1 would not be remembered, as they had 'never occurred'.

In any case - back to the Doctor Who example: as the Doctor never existed (once he'd sacrificed himself, he had erased himself from existence) he was not remembered by his companions... or anyone, for that matter. He resided in their memory, so slightly that Amy Pond's subconscious was at one stage triggered and she suddenly remembered him... as a result, he existed again - and Amy and Rory could remember everything about what had happened.

In Mario Galaxy 2, could the same have not happened for Rosalina? She appears intermittently, in a half-form (cosmic Rosalina), and perhaps that is either Mario or Luma beginning to remember her, but not quite. Maybe things got all to familiar for Mario once he'd beaten Bowser again, and Rosalina was finally able to break through - in that sense, she would not have been from another universe (as the non-canon explanation states) so much as she'd broken through the barrier of existence itself. On something of a sidenote: perhaps that is one of the reasons Luma went with Mario - not just having an unexplained trust for him, but because he was looking for something, someone, his mama, without fully knowing what he was seeking; he HAD to explore and find whatever it was that he needed.

If you look at it that way, all the past games had still happened (total universal restoration, for some reason it works that way) and while Galaxy 1 never existed, Peach, Mario, Bowser, Rosalina, Polari, Luma and those aboard the Observatory will have remembered it anyways! Probably explains how blank the Toad Brigade were about the whole deal, too...

And if you think on it long enough, it adds a lot to Luma's final words: "I will never forget you. Even when I someday become a star myself... I will never forget you, Mario!"

Because he HAD forgotten Mario, and after all they'd been through, he couldn't imagine forgetting him again!

Anyways, those're my thoughts Smile how about yours?

So HA.

RE: 'Mariology' - thoughts on Mario Galaxy - ToadsEgg - 04-22-2012 02:04 AM

You make a very good point.

RE: 'Mariology' - thoughts on Mario Galaxy - elizasteave - 08-01-2012 07:32 PM

Yes in fact i also think in that way. If this thing happened to Amy that she remembered and the doctor existed, then the same would have had also happened to Rosalina. I guess this is the thing that even people also do not observe much.

RE: 'Mariology' - thoughts on Mario Galaxy - andriwluke - 08-31-2012 05:52 PM

I would rather like to say that however I haven't observed all these things, but sometimes such things come to my mind. Well, I always pay my attention in playing this game as this is very addictive.